Claire De Boer: Creator of Explains Why It’s Important To Share Your Story

Claire De Boer: Creator of Explains Why It’s Important To Share Your Story

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Claire De Boer started her website after several years of writing for She Loves Magazine. Her editor kept telling her to go deeper with her writing and in doing so, she began to heal and write her story.Claire De Bour

Now she helps others to do the same at her site The Gift Of Writing.

She says ….

My vision is to reach out to those people whose story or belief about who they are is preventing them from living an abundant life. Through the process of expressive writing, it is my goal to bring about healing, change and connection to self.

I asked Claire to be a guest on my new podcast because personally she has helped giving me the inspiration I need when it comes to writing out my own story.

I love everything this lady does and I know you will too.

For the first time in my life I believe ALL pieces of me have started to come together. I used to keep everything separated in my life … especially my work.

I almost felt like I was living underground with my work.

But my desire to pursue God’s will for me became very evident.

I wanted to start writing my story as prompted by a dear friend to do so but I thought, how? What would I even write about? I know everything that has happened in my life, why should I write about it?

After speaking with Claire in this podcast I now know how to start & I am excited! We talked about journaling, which journals you should keep, what to write in them and what parts of your life story you should write about.

It is my prayer that after you listen that you are inspired to take action and start writing your own story.

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Resources Mentioned:

Relate Church – We exist to build the church by developing flourishing relationships with God and people.

She Loves Magazine – A global community of women–a Sisterhood–who want to know and experience freedom, justice and transformation, for ourselves and others.

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