3 Things You Really Don’t Want To Say About Your Business

3 Things You Really Don’t Want To Say About Your Business

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Words are important and what you say to yourself, to others and behind closed doors affects you more than you realize.

The words you speak over your business are direct reflection of your mindset. Your words and your mindset work together to create your reality. You want to be careful about what you speak over your business because it will become true. I know this first hand. When I was in my twenties and had a business in my mind there was no possible chance I could fail and by the time I was 24 years old I owned 5 retail stores. I still look back and am surprised at how it all happened as a young lady.

It wasn’t until after I experienced some very tough life situations, which included divorce, that I had to make a huge effort to keep my mind focused on the positive and to KEEP GOING! To not allow my thoughts to wander and to expect success again.

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With that in mind, here are three things you want to avoid saying at all costs about your business.

#1 I’m Just Playing Around

I made this mistake when I started selling information products back in 2004. The reality of it was that I had already been selling online since the start of eBay and had a complete system down for listing auctions with Andale who charged us a pretty penny to manage all of our listings, but it was worth it. Funny enough, because I wasn’t selling PHYSICAL products and was selling information products, which essentially are digital downloads, in my mind it felt more like a play thing than an actual real business.

It wasn’t until I took my online business seriously that it took off. So much so that when I sold my last retail store location in May 2007, my online business was already making a very decent monthly income.

So let’s talk about what it means when you feel like you’re just “playing around”. 

This implies that you aren’t serious about building a real business. If you don’t take yourself seriously, neither will potential customers and clients. As a result, you’ll attract customers that will treat you poorly because you aren’t broadcasting confidence in your business.

Own your business.

Own the fact that you work for yourself. Be proud of it and tell anyone who will listen about what you do. This helps you become more confident and enthusiastic. Plus, it encourages potential customers and clients to have faith in you and your skills.

#2 I’m Not Capable Of Success

I’ve always known I’ve “had it in me” but I started becoming scared of having the success that I once had. It was a HUGE mistake, I stalled myself in a big way.

There are many reasons you might feel like you can’t be successful. Maybe no one’s ever believed in you. Maybe you’ve always struggled just to get by with the basics.

It’s time you believe in yourself.

Instead of talking about what a failure you are, remind yourself that you’re worthy of success and that will you do what it takes to earn that success.

#3 I Don’t Have A Head For Business

Low confidence can make you doubt your ability to succeed in business.

But before you say this, consider that we often live out our words—even if we don’t want. Instead of listing all the reasons you can’t run a business, encourage yourself by listing the reasons you will succeed.

For example, you might say, “I am capable of running a successful business. I’ll take night classes at the local college to supplement any business skills I need to develop.”

By saying this, you create your new reality—the one you’re a successful business owner.

When talking about your business, choose your words carefully. Think about the business you want to create and speak as if you’ve already successfully built it.

No matter what you see around you, KEEP GOING! 



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