What If? You Said …

What If? You Said …

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crescent beach

forget it all …

I no longer want to work at the job that I have, I no longer want to live the life that I’m living, I just want to …. (fill in your blank)

That’s exactly what I did but in a different way.

I was running a business that I thought that I loved. I was just fooling myself.

Yes an online business is a crazy blessing, to be able to even say that I’ve been doing it for 10 years, is well pretty darn cool. That’s 10 years of creating my own information products, blogging, affiliate marketing, buying and selling blogs, you name it, I’ve about done it.

But then I asked myself …. what if?

What would I want to do in this life IF I *completely* chose THE path that I wanted?

My Answer: I would glorify God by taking pictures of the beautiful world around me, I would explore & expand my faith and I would take mini adventures in this life.

I want to *grow* and leave an impact. ya know?

My “what if” journey has brought me over to Faith Adventurist via a beautiful case study I did with my dear friend Lynn Terry.

What if there was nothing in your way, how would you live out the rest of your life, your business, your everything?

The picture above (it’s been doctored to look like a painting, which I love doing to my photos here) … I took that yesterday.

It rarely snows here in Vancouver, BC and I know that I absolutely *needed* to capture that moment of standing on a quiet beach, by myself with the beautiful little snowflakes dropping onto the ocean.


It’s interesting, when I posted this photo on Facebook my Mom commented that it looked very lonely. I personally found it extremely peaceful and a beautiful moment in my life.

It’s 2:33am right now as I type.

I’ve been sitting here for the last couple of hours wondering how to bring you only the best advice to growing your business online.  The fact of the matter is, I am not the only source for this kind of thing.

There are *tons* of different business models on the internet. There are many different teachers on this very subject and each of those teachers have their own experience.

I have personally paid others to coach me, a lot of bucks too.

It’s funny the whole time I had retail stores I never thought of hiring a business coach. My main focus was only 2 things …

#1 – Get more people into my store

#2 – Sell them stuff they like

That was it and I kicked butt at it.

But when it comes to the internet business there are SO many technical road blocks that stop people and simple things I’ve learned from others that increase sales like.

#1 – a traditional BLUE hyperlink gets more clicks

#2 – advertising on *key* blogs in your market brings in sales to your product

I even learned some super ninja Google Adwords stuff for #2 and really ramped up the sales to my membership site which was in the scrapbook market back in 2005.

I even paid bigger bucks for certain things …

#1 – I paid $4000 for a neon sign for one of my retail stores

#2 – I paid $8000 for a custom blog theme

Why? to make more sales of course.

All that said …

The people who I have worked with from my coaches to my customers, it’s all been a huge blessing.

I only want to bring you the best of the best.  The problem with so many people teaching the subject of  “internet marketing” is that they don’t necessarily have the experience that you need.

Heck, you could have someone coach you only to find out that you have zero passion for that type of business model.

I mentioned there were tons of models right?

  • affiliate marketing
  • info products
  • ebooks
  • reports
  • audio
  • video
  • amazon
  • eBay
  • buying/selling blogs
  • membership site

Even the membership site, well there are gazillion ways you can manage the back end of that site.  A gazillion.

You know how I said it’s been 10 years for me?

Well technically I started selling on eBay in 1997, I sold over 40, 000 auctions in my eBay career before I quit.

Yes I have been an intense person.

So if you count my eBay career, I have been selling online for 17 years, wow.

I’ve also interviewed & connected with some pretty cool people over the years.

So getting back to online business for a moment, you need to get one thing in your mind as quickly as you possibly can.

It works & it works well.

You just need to figure out *exactly* what it is that you are crazy passionate about and let the right person lead you. I would say that’s me but I don’t want to teach this stuff anymore.

I have been wrestling with this for the last few years, I just want to *do* it.

Ironically my girlfriend who has been solely working on affiliate marketing all these years has never created any information products. She only worked on her affiliate marketing career.

But now she has created two very cool programs that I am enjoying to the full.

Yes, we work *so* much behind the scenes of our blogs, it makes me smile. Kinda feels like a little underground world of internet marketing for me.

So what is internet marketing?

A tool.

It’s a crazy amazing tool you can use to grow your business at lightning speed.

I commit to you this right now, I will only bring you the BEST of the BEST here on this blog.  People who I know will move you forward in a beautiful way, they are doing it for me now and they don’t even know.

Actually, I’ve decided … I will only share the true ninja’s with you.  People who are making a solid income online while doing what they love.

Plus, I share with you here exactly what I am currently working on to get things done so my online business grows quickly in the beautiful new direction that I’m going.

Specifically …. living the exact life and business I want.

I am working through Lynn’s course right now to ramp up my efforts.

So what is your … what if?

I just want to ….. fill in *your* blank.

I would love to hear from you, please share in the comments what holds you back.


PS. I am growing this out the way I want for the first time in my life. Utilizing the internet as a way of doing business is a true gift. Life is short, why don’t you join me?

PPS. I love taking pictures 🙂



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