What God Placed Inside You Counts For Eternity

What God Placed Inside You Counts For Eternity

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When I was seventeen years old I had a daughter, and I had this little baby and when I went to the doctor they encouraged abortion or adoption because I was so young.

I knew that there was never a chance that I would ever have an abortion and I knew I was going to keep this baby even if it meant I was going to do this on my own.

After she was born and I had my own little apartment, it wasn’t a very nice one. I remember one weekend, it was a Friday night, all my friends were out and of course I lost a lot of friends.

I was in this apartment with this little baby yet I was so proud of myself because I had taken the time to make muffins. I was in this one bedroom apartment all by myself with this little baby with no tv … or maybe I did have tv, I don’t remember.

I remember thinking to myself this is what my choice brought me to in this life, I was seventeen years old.

My choices brought me to a one bedroom apartment sitting alone on a Friday night with a little baby.

Even though she’s such an incredible blessing and I’m so thankful for the daughter that I have today, I just couldn’t imagine how I even came to that point in my life, at that point in my life.

I realize & recognize today that God created me for something very special and something that these choices clouded my ability to see what he created me for.

One thing that I’ve learned and discovered is that we will never find our true purpose outside of the will of God, outside of church, outside of being planted in a church.

2Him with us is the key ingredient to living the life that He’s called us to live.

Our life counts, your life counts. It is important and years ago, going back to that apartment, I couldn’t even imagine that my life would count for something, to count for the Kingdom, count for the future and count for other people.

Your life counts, my life counts.

There’s nobody that can hold you back or tell you that you can’t do something. I learned as an entrepreneur that I can take steps, I can take big steps and no one will hold me back, I can do whatever I want in this life.

It wasn’t until I discovered when I really needed God that I would walk in my true purpose, that my life counts.

It really, really counts.

There’s work to do, there’s things for me to do in my life and in the future.

There are so many ways that I can help other people things to put my hand to. It can even seem overwhelming and even the things that I have done, helped out with and discovered, there is so much that I’ve learned in that process.

It all starts with God.

It says in Psalm 139:13, “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mothers womb.”

So before any kind of trauma or upset or anything that would derail my life, He knit me together, He knit you together and put you in your mothers womb. Your inmost being, the very core of who you are he created.

He put you together, put you into a family and He decided exactly how he was going to make you.

It is up to us to discover everything that He put in. To not just know what our gifts are but to actually put our hand to it and walk through it no matter how hard it could seem.

How dark your life may be in this moment, it doesn’t matter because when you shine the light of God over your soul, over your mind, over your life, over your future, nothing will stop you.

Nobody can tell you that you can’t do something, nobody can give you that negative feedback because when you shine God so bright that is when you can do anything He has called you to do.

Because your life counts.

What He placed inside you counts for eternity.

I think back to that seventeen year old girl, the one that was sitting there crying and not really knowing what to do with her life.

I know that even though my choices may have brought me to that situation, it doesn’t have to dictate where the rest of my life went.

Your life counts, what God placed inside of you counts and everything you are called to do in the future counts not just for yourself, not just for your family, not just for this moment, it counts for eternity.

It is that important.

What is one step that you can take today to move into doing what God has placed inside you?



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