Welcome To My Office: Sharing My Work From Home Spots Around Town

Welcome To My Office: Sharing My Work From Home Spots Around Town

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welcomeThis was inspired by a dear friend of mine Al Lamons, we were laughing because of the different spots I “do business” It’s the same for him too, he’s an entrepreneur and works from all sorts of places around town …  especially from the phone.

It’s even been a goal of mine to see how much I can get done over the phone VS. lugging my laptop around town with me.


Here’s a picture of my little baby office at home, about a year or so ago I stepped into a physical office space that I leased, I couldn’t stand it. I had some beautiful custom furniture created and that lasted all about 8 months.

It was far too lonely.

So now I do my work from all over the place … the old phrase, “work from home” has truly changed. So as often as I can I will be sharing my close to daily office space with you, even from the beach.

My beautiful custom office will be set up again one day in my home but for now, this is my above “work from home” office space.

I would love to see your daily office space too, feel free to comment to yours with a link and I’ll be sure to feature you here on the blog as well.

Happy Office Space Fun Days Ahead …. more to come shortly!

Oh and … “Welcome to my office”



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