Welcome To My Office: Daily Podcast, Mountains & The Sun

Welcome To My Office: Daily Podcast, Mountains & The Sun

It’s been a beautiful week with an extra bit of work, I have truly enjoyed launching my new daily podcast, Your Life Counts. It’s all about the value that we have in this life and it’s of course geared towards women with a logo like that. I also created 38 infographics for it with Canva.com, truly the best thing I’ve ever used for infographics and just so you know I don’t make any money on that recommendation.



Fun stuff!

I enjoyed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets this week, a lot more than usual. I am trying very hard to stay focused on God’s call over my life, it’s so very important to me, I know how short life is and I know God requires me to step up.



This mountain shot is just around the corner of my house, I love going there early morning to breathe in this view.  I also spent time at church where we received a huge thank you card for the community care initiatives that we do.


It’s a beautiful life to play a small part in it, I’m also excited because I now have a team that has come along to help me now.  It’s my first team that I’ve personally built on my own at church, makes me kinda proud. 🙂

That’s it for this week, off to enjoy my weekend!





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