Welcome To My Office: Canadian Blood Services Event, My New Book & My Personal Manifesto

Welcome To My Office: Canadian Blood Services Event, My New Book & My Personal Manifesto

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I really can hardly believe another week has flown right by.  My week started out by enjoying the cherry blossom trees outside my house, it’s a beautiful time of the year.


I was also out the door early mornings in the dark, I love seeing the stars late at night and the early morning peace. You could say I love being a night owl and an early morning bird. Not sure why but God knows why.

It got in my brain this week to work on my own visual manifesto thanks to Claire who posted about it.

visualmanifestoSo I got down to some work and started pulling out things that resonated with me from different magazines over at my Mom’s house.


I started finding some pretty awesome quotes to start cutting out, this was my favourite  … “Here’s the truth: People who get what they want tend to be the ones who make the effort to *know* what they want.”


More cutting & arranging …. and this one made me smile … “You can see clearly now.”  I guess that’s kinda the point of a visual manifesto, no?


Things started taking shape and I took to twitter to share my fun …



I almost couldn’t help myself, I just had to share my pure JOY. It actually made me happy to work on this as silly as I thought it seemed in the beginning.



I haven’t finished it yet but I will and I am one step closer to getting my dreams and ideas for my life into something physical and out of my own head. It’s also a place where I can share my values and really who I am to the core.

I plan to hang it somewhere in my office space at home.  Back at home this book arrived from Lori Greiner from the show Shark Tank.


I started to read it and was already enjoying it since I have a lot of experience sourcing products during my time having my 5 stores, which almost seems like a lifetime ago now. I will be giving this book away once I’m doing reading and reviewing it.


But the absolute highlight of my week was sharing my heart at an event honouring blood donors at the Canadian Blood Services event. I will be at another event of theirs coming up to share again, I was so happy and it was a beautiful night in my life.


Interestingly enough we experienced an earthquake that night too (6.7 magnitude) but it was far enough away that we never felt it but many parts of the lower mainland did feel it.

Pretty surprising. 

I went home with a beautiful gift from them, a journal along with a pretty plant. It was a great night sharing about my daughter’s experience receiving blood and how her little baby is such a gift to us all.


Such a beautiful, beautiful night.

Lastly the last spot where I did some work was right at the kitchen table, I was just relaxing with my coffee.


This was my week, I definitely spent more time indoors than outdoors so that will have to change next week. Although I did spend my mornings out in the dark this week so I loved that. I also spent time with my beautiful clients, people who not only get me personally but love all that I bring to the table.



PS.  I will be posting over at Faith Adventurist soon about my experience at the Canadian Blood Services event, just waiting for all the pictures to come in. 🙂



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