Welcome To My Office: A Kitten, A Review, Canadian Blood Services & The Ocean Which Always Resets My Soul

Welcome To My Office: A Kitten, A Review, Canadian Blood Services & The Ocean Which Always Resets My Soul

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Started the week taking this picture for my profile on Facebook, I guess it represents my work, my life and all that I am working on to accomplish.


Helloooooo Monday morning! I was treated to sit beside two elderly men who were trying to remember a song. There they sat visiting and singing, it made for a nice start to my week.


I spend every Monday night at church taking notes and adding to the Facebook page for Faith Works. I’m planning to do better and treat it more like a job, last night we learned about how we need to be faithful with the little things. It’s in the small that matters, it’s the small that builds and shows your character.


Yes this actually happened, I ran out the door in a hurry and as my son was busting a gut laughing his tooshie off as we were getting into the car he said, “Ah Mom ….  you’re wearing two different shoes.” Made for a really good laugh for us, can’t say I’ve ever done this before in my entire life.


I got to babysit this little critter, such a cute little kitten. Had him in my home for 3 days and it was so fun cuddling this little bundle.


A painful call from a friend brought me outside to sit with my irises which need serious help. But it was nice to enjoy the sunshine outside and just listen and be there for someone.


A meeting at church with a dear friend … love everything that I get to do. So incredibly blessed!


I took a moment to enjoy these beautiful tulips, the ones on my kitchen table have withered away, time to get some new ones 🙂


The ocean always resets my soul.


 This week I secured a new beautiful client who loves me for me and is on the journey with me.

She’s special, she’s a beautiful soul that believes in my work and recognizes my need to not be tied down …. to have freedom to work on her stuff along with my own, the freedom to just BE, the freedom to be friends and work together, the freedom to be excited about her journey, the freedom to work like a maniac when I want, the freedom to push her forward into new and exciting things … things she was stuck on.

She’s amazing!!!

I also managed to write up my review of Lynn’s Niche Success Blueprint … something I’m currently working through and applying to business.

I reminisced about starting my business at such a young age, this post is what came out of those thoughts.

Next week I’m speaking at a dinner for Canadian Blood Services, I will share my story about my daughter who needed a transfusion every day for 3 weeks while she was in isolation, I cannot count how many transfusions she had, it was a lot. I hope to inspire more people to donate blood, it literally is life saving.


PS. I dyed my hair strawberry blonde. It was fun … Happy Easter!!!




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