My Personal Visual Manifesto: You Should Totally Do This Too!

My Personal Visual Manifesto: You Should Totally Do This Too!

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I’m not a “visual manifesto” kinda gal. It all started when I read Claire’s post on it.

Claire said that it’s a great way to declare your intentions, know your values and put something down about your dreams for the future.

I’ve thought about doing a dream board before but never got around to it and didn’t think it would really be worth the time and effort.

But since I decided a couple of years ago that it was time to get in touch with that “girlie” part of me …. this has now happened.

I started by grabbing some photos that I liked and cut them out of some magazines.



Then I grabbed all the scenery pictures and cut them all into strips and placed them together as I liked to make something very different.


While I was working away I had some beautiful music playing and I had fun updating twitter and my facebook page along the way and mostly alerting Claire to what I was up to.


Now that I’m finished I plan to write out all of the words I chose and combine it with scripture that I want to claim over my life.


I created two sides …. one with a relaxing scenery and one with the quotes & words that i loved.   collage4


From here, I’m not sure how to “write it all out.” So I’m just going to wing it. I hope to finish my personal visual manifesto soon.

It’s been a great journey, it was fun to visit and chat along with my Mom while completing it.

If anything I hope it will be healing and it definitely brought me peace along the way.




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