15 Days To More Traffic Day #14: Using Twitter and Facebook for Traffic Generation

15 Days To More Traffic Day #14: Using Twitter and Facebook for Traffic Generation

Using Twitter and Facebook for Traffic Generation


Facebook has over 1 billion users. Twitter has over 600 million users. Both of these social networks can help you both build your connection with fans, as well as bring in new traffic. Let’s take a look at how exactly to build a Facebook page or Twitter following. Then let’s take a look at how to turn that following into profitable traffic.

Getting Started: Setup Your Facebook and Twitter Account

Start by setting up your Facebook page and Twitter account. Select a name that’s easy to remember, preferably short. If you have a recognizable brand name, the Facebook and Twitter name should be either the same or similar. Here are mine if you’d like to connect: Facebook & Twitter.

Starting to Build Your Audience

To get started, use your existing resources to build your audience. If you have traffic on your website, use that to get people to like your page. If you have an email list, send an email to people asking them to like your page or follow you on Twitter. If you don’t have any web presence yet, ask a few personal friends to like your page just to get things going.

The “Like Wall”

One great way to build a Facebook page is to build a like wall. A like wall is a section of content that’s locked until someone likes your page. Pre-sell a bonus and get people excited to have it. Then, ask them to like your page in exchange for the bonus. This will drastically increase your like rate.

What Should You Post?

The best way to build a relationship with your readers is to post content on a regular basis. You should post at least once a day. But, what if you’re not creating content on such a regular basis? Post other people’s content.

In fact, this is good practice, even if you’re publishing content regularly. Become a resource for your followers. Give your followers the best of what’s on the web about your topic – whether it’s written by you, or by someone else.

Share multimedia. Share YouTube videos, infographics, blog posts, interesting images, TED talks, anything and everything that your audience might value.

Generally 10am to 2pm is a good posting time for professionals. For a causal audience, 4pm is a good posting time. Use programs like HootSuite to schedule your posts and tweets, so you can do the whole week’s posts all in one go.

How to Get Traffic and Sell

Try to aim for at least a 4-to-1 content to promo ratio. (Remember – you don’t have to write all the content. Just point to the best content published by others.)

When you do sell, don’t be afraid to push a little. Add some urgency. Tell them why they should click. Never use false urgency or do something that could erode the trust with your audience. But if you’re providing high quality content regularly, you should be able to get away with some hard hitting sales messages every once in a while.

Finally, build your personal connections. Some of your biggest fans can also turn into big traffic sources. They might have websites, blogs, email lists or Facebook pages of their own. Look for influencers and try to build a 1-on-1 connection. Over time, look for mutually beneficial ways to leverage those relationships.

Your Traffic Assignment:

If you don’t already have one, set up a Facebook and Twitter account. Connect with like-minded people and those you want to become your customers.

Add a “Like Wall” on Facebook to generate more likes.

Add new posts, videos, infographics and more on a regular basis. Better yet, use Hootsuite to schedule your posts to streamline the process.

Continually look for new ways to make connections & how you can leverage those connects in a mutually beneficial way.






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