15 Days To More Traffic – Day #1: Getting Started

15 Days To More Traffic – Day #1: Getting Started

day1Day #1: Getting Started

Welcome to the “15 Days to More Traffic Challenge” 

This is an information packed and action taking course focused on increasing traffic to your websites. By the time you finish this challenge, you’ll not only know how to increase your traffic – you’ll have actually started taking steps and will likely already be seeing real results.

Each day I will walk you through every important traffic source on the internet; from SEO to social media, from YouTube to paid ads.

Some traffic sources work better for certain business models. By the end of this series you’ll likely find just a handful of strategies that you’ll want to adopt.

How This Challenge Works

Every day for the next 15 days you will be given a challenge that will help you improve your incoming traffic.

At the end of this 15 day challenge, if you’ve completed all of your assignments, you will have:

  • 15 posts here that you can refer to any time you want to boost traffic to any website.
  • A growing volume of website traffic
  • The knowledge and ability to continue to drive more traffic and increase sales.

I encourage you to go at your own pace but do try to complete each challenge.

Never sacrifice your family or personal life, no matter how much you want to grow your business. A successful business is nothing without the ones we love.

We do not have an assignment today but we do want to talk a bit about the mindset you need in order to increase your traffic as well as how to choose the best strategy for you.

The Best Mindset to Approach Traffic Generation

The mindset that you approach traffic generation with is important. A lot of people tend to bounce between traffic strategies.

For example, they might decide to shoot a few YouTube videos. Then start a blog. Perhaps they’ll dabble in AdWords. Then, when nothing works, they go looking for other strategies.

The truth is most traffic strategies take time to build up.

For instance, if you start a blog, you shouldn’t expect to get much traffic at all for the first 3-6 months. If you’re starting AdWords, you shouldn’t expect your campaigns to be profitable for several weeks, as you test ads and keywords. So on and so forth.

Instead, try to pick just 1 to 3 strategies to focus on.

Work on these strategies until you can genuinely determine whether or not they are working. If they aren’t, then consider moving on to other strategies. Consistency and execution is often more important than the strategy.

How to Choose the Best Strategy for You

In each email you receive, you’ll learn the ins and outs of one strategy, as well as exactly how to execute the strategy. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons of the strategy, as well as what kinds of businesses should execute the strategy.

Generally the strategies you choose come down to your business model.

Let’s say you have an eCommerce website, you’re probably best served by mastering paid traffic. If you run an informational website, you probably want to get as high in the search engines as you can.

We’ll talk about why certain strategies work better for certain businesses, as well as which strategies you should choose for your business.

Are you ready to get started?

In the next lesson, we jump right in with a detailed guide to content-based marketing. Stay tuned!

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