This Is What Changed Everything For Me

This Is What Changed Everything For Me

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bullseyeOn the road of starting over I have been extremely clear that I didn’t want to work on anything that wouldn’t glorify God & have me working on my mission in this life.

I put everything on hold and kinda ran away from my “entrepreneurial” history.

I mean, how could God use that?

But what I realize is that I do hold a very unique perspective, here at 39 years old I am still an entrepreneur.

Sure I started another site a year ago that I thought was going to be my “online business type site” but it wasn’t completely sitting right with me.

I had to explore and share from my heart and that brand (Your Creative Biz) didn’t allow me to do so in a real, genuine kind of way.

Here I can just be Vera Raposo, love my writing or not, it’s who I am.  I am a business builder.

So let’s get into what changed everything for me to go from making a decent income to crazy income.

Getting others to do the work for me.

I remembered an old podcast that I did with my sweet friend Alice Seba on outsourcing. I remember telling her that I first started spending a small amount of money here and there.

Probably around $100 a month, to be completely transparent with you, I am just now looking at being able to start at that level now again.

Total transparency over here, you have truly caught me in start up mode. But that’s ok, I took forever and a day to get to this point emotionally to know that this is the right thing for me.

I purposely did that because I am a firecracker …. once I’m on a mission things happen extremely quickly. I can’t say it’s been easy but I’ve worked hard to stay focused in Christ and what I can do for Heaven.

Getting back to my podcast with Alice, the next step from there that I took was to hire a virtual assistant… I made sure to set aside a monthly retainer amount for her every single month, it was $300 which felt like a huge stretch for me at that time.

She was working on all my updates to my sites, helping coordinate pretty much everything needed for this business that I had.

But the key is I was committed to paying her $300/month and it forced me to come up with all the things I needed done, even stuff I was avoiding.

Then my friend Alice opened up shop …. She called it “Outsourcing Sweetie.” (it doesn’t exist today) Basically I could hire her team and have them do all the work I didn’t want to do.

Work like …

graphic design, technical stuff, writing content, research, emails, and the list goes on.

That was a huge decision I remember because that monthly fee was $500 which would bring my outsourcing up to $800 a month.

But I was ready, so I went for it and it was the best darn decision I ever made.

Before I knew it I was outsourcing to the tune of around $8000/month, I remember telling Alice in our interview how it was the single thing that changed my business in a massive way.

This process occurred probably over a 9 month period, it happened quickly.

I had several different business models that I was focusing on … mainly affiliate marketing, information products, advertising sales & buying / selling blogs and clients who bought content from me.

Today is a very different day for me.

I’m not interested in most of that stuff, today I am mostly interested in affiliate marketing which is promoting other people’s products and services that help me in my business now, today.

I am also exploring a new side to my personality and living my life out with faith & hope, love & adventure.

One day I will get back into information products but not for a while. I have been taking this slow, which is opposite to what you want to do when you’re building a business.

Slow is the enemy of sales, so don’t do it (lol!)

I am gearing up to go fast, to structure my business on a monthly basis again. Remember, I am starting again with my first goal to outsource $100/month only.

I’m excited!

Because I know that I have a lot to share here while I work out what I’m doing over at Faith Adventurist.

I now find myself taking my own advice … I’m a different person after witnessing my daughter fight cancer. I lost a lot of confidence in myself but also knew that God had to be in the mix at the same time.

Last night I found an old interview that I did, it was right after I sold my last retail store and right before my daughter was diagnosed having cancer.

Here’s what I said …

“A technique is just a technique, an idea is just an idea. You need to develop a process of things that will get you to where you want, thankfully I know this and work on this daily.”

So there you go, I am following my own foot steps, kinda funny but it’s very good!

Yes, I may have started all over but sometimes that’s the best place to be 😉



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