The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

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There Is At Least One Thing I Know …

The time is now, there is no more time to waste on efforts that don’t change the way people think or prompt people to move and change things.

I know it right to the core of who I am, there is work to be done and it’s time to do it.

I have spent years up to my eyeballs in products, blogs, advertising, marketing, and, and, and.

But the moment I watched my daughter fight to live … well that really did change my life completely.

  All I could say was that it was “something else…”

I got off the phone with my closest girlfriend tonight, we spent a good 2 or so hours on the phone.  She knows me truly like no one else does in this life.

I expressed to her that I am still uncovering, unraveling and trying to wrap my brain around it all. My daughter had cancer for almost 3 years and the stuff I witnessed,  it was just something else.

Everything I’ve done “professionally” means nothing to me.

None of it. 

The only thing that matters in my life is how much I can do for others, right down to the depths of my soul and to the heart of who I am.

I took a 2 year break not building anything and instead decided to build for others. That’s internet suicide … and it has taken me so much longer to build up to what I once had.

I stopped building my mailing list, I stopped interacting on Twitter (I even forgot my password there and had to go through some hoops to get my account back), I completely sold off all of my websites including the main ones that were bringing me all the income.

Do you know what it takes to build that up?  A lot of time, dedication and years of trial and error.

I finally had the “cushy” internet lifestyle that I wanted and then it all changed forever.  I gave it all up because I knew that God had a much bigger plan and mission for my life.

The time is now friend, what are you working on in this life? 

What changes are you making?

What is your vision for the future of those who are around you?

I do know this one thing, my mission is for God alone and I work to build out Heaven as much as I possibly can.

The time is now, welcome to my blog and my office.






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