avatarVera is a serious inspiration. She’s strong, gutsy, and she has a great big heart to make a difference. I’m so glad our paths have crossed and I have no doubt that whatever she puts her hand to will succeed.

Angela Doell
Relate Church
avatarVera brings vision, enthusiasm, skill and an incredible work ethic to everything she tackles … If she’s on your team, hold on tight and get ready for a great adventure!

Carolyn Arends
Carolyn Arends
avatarVera Raposo is like the bones in our SheLoves magazine body. She brought the technical framework–the very “bones” to our creative idea. Without her, we might still be just an idea. Vera listened and said, “Let’s do it!” Then she laughed, because she already had a vision of how far and high we could go. Now, whenever we reach a goal, she reminds me that this is still just the beginning and sets the barre higher. I love that. I have appreciated working with Vera every step of the way. She is savvy and enthusiastic; reliable and resourceful. Vera has the ability to run with a vision. She is a beautiful and savvy gift to SheLoves and to me.

Idelette McVicker
She Loves Magazine
avatarDriven, focused, professional and ethical – these are traits that describe the business person who is Vera Raposo. I have had the pleasure of being associated with Vera over the last several years. She is the definition of an entrepreneur. I enjoy working closely with Vera and sharing the same vision for excellence. Another admirable quality is her love of family and her ability to provide support in the face of adversity. When many others have only the capacity to focus on one issue, Vera effectively juggles many and provides inspiration to all. If she was a Maritimer – she’d be perfect

Ed Roach
The Branding Experts
avatarHey Vera this is going to be great! You are the most knowledgeable person I know on the subject of internet marketing so of course you have the potential to help a lot of people become more successful and set dreams to reality! I know I’ll be back here to see what you are doing! See I am taking your advice already by guest blogging!

Linda Maze
Linda Maze
avatarBefore working with Vera I was a ball of anxiety- I had said yes to hosting a one day event with a very small window of time to show time and then realized I had no idea how I was going to fill it! Vera helped me create the entire launch, craft some super emails and helped me get the word out in a big way! My one day event went off without a hitch and I had over 20 people register! This is one woman who knows her stuff when it comes to online marketing – and she’s got a BIG BIG heart and her passion for helping people rock their launches. THANK YOU Vera!!

Vanessa Simpkins
Take Your Power Back Now
avatarVera Raposo not only has fantastic gifts to share with the world, but has a true generosity of spirit. Her expertise in connecting is amazing – she connects people with others who may help, she connects ideas with tools for implementation, and she connects creative writing talents to whatever subject is relevant in your life. Most importantly, she connects the dots for entrepreneurs Thanks, Vera, for helping me connect the dots. Warm regards.

Sandi Gordon
Great Life Balance
avatar”Vera and her staff are exceptional. Whenever, I am overwhelmed with daily tasks, I can always count on them to bail me out. If you’re looking for professional and efficient administrative support you will not find a better team.”

Lori A. Manns
Quality Media Consultants
avatarWe cannot even begin to express the gratitude that we feel for the incredible website that Vera Raposo designed for our Vancouver To Seattle Ride To Conquer Cancer Events & Fundraising Page.

Her attention to detail, imaginative design and professionalism are more than we could ever ask for.

My dream of riding in honour of my Father and raising a few dollars for a charity in need is now being followed by people all over the world, sponsored by some amazing companies and I have one very special person to thank……..Vera Raposo.

Vera took my dream, my vision, my goal and ran with it. Even though I tell her every single day how much I appreciate everything she has done for me I feel compelled to tell the rest of you who the deserves the credit for what you see at

Bill De Groot
One Epic Journey
avatarI've known Vera professionally and personally for over a decade now. Her love of life, passion for business and her desire to help people with her work are an inspiration. I always enjoy every opportunity I have to work with her.

Alice Seba

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