Interview: What We Can Learn From Super Bowl L1 Commercials

Interview: What We Can Learn From Super Bowl L1 Commercials

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I always look for unique and creative ways to add value here on the blog and when this came through my email I thought it would be a fun interview to do with Michael Pavone, CEO & President, Pavone Marketing Group. We can always discover something new to apply to our business when we look at different brands & industries.

I hope you enjoy the interview 🙂

What is Spot Bowl? is a Super Bowl advertising poll in its 14th year powered by Pavone. The online poll is designed to give all the advertising fans out there a voice. Fans can vote until Monday, February 6 at 1 p.m. EST, making SpotBowl one of the only polls that captures the Monday “water cooler vote.”

Which celebrities will be making cameos this year? 

A celebrity spokesperson is always a good way to connect with people and get them to talk about your ad. We’re tracking all of the celebrity cameos on This year, we had Tom Brady in the game, but he was also be in an ad for Intel. Melissa McCarthy showed for Kia and we even saw Jason Statham in an action-packed spot for the website-building company,

What are the secrets to making a good Super Bowl commercial? 

Consumer interaction is key. Brands are tapping into the power of social media and extending the commercial beyond the game with campaigns linked to social media and microsites.

How can the business owner apply the same secrets to their business? 

Integrating marketing efforts is key to drive awareness and sales for any business. As an integrated advertising agency, Pavone, we provide unique strategies for business owners that target their audience. Business owners need to create a connection with customers, as the best Super Bowl ads do.

Why are companies willing to pay 5M per ad? 

FOX’s asking price this year was just over $5 million, which is a Super Bowl record. And that’s just for 30 seconds. A lot of the ads we’re going to see in the game are 60 seconds or event 90 seconds long, which means they’ll cost $10-15 million just for the air time. In the end, it really is worth it. The Super Bowl is the most watched television event of the year with more than 110 million American’s expected to watch the game.  And when you compare the cost per million viewers to an event like the Oscars or the Grammy’s, the Super Bowl is roughly the same cost, and those are events in which people aren’t watching the commercials nearly as closely.

Why are people so fascinated with Super Bowl commercials? 

The entertainment value is key. With so many people watching and so much money on the line, it’s the one time of the year when the commercials might actually be more entertaining the event itself. But even in an era in which we’re bombarded by ads and we use DVRs to fast forward past them, everyone loves a good commercial, and that’s what the Super Bowl delivers.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur? 

Embrace marketing. Marketing is a bridge a small business owner does not want to burn. Whether it is using social media, blogging or emailing a reporter, marketing presents ways to reduce costs and increase brand reach. For those intimidated to go at it alone, agencies, industry publications and other avenues are available to leverage.


(For a complete listing, visit

1. Kia ("Hero’s Journey") — Melissa McCarthy is pushed to the limit to save the earth.

2. Tide ("Trending Bradshaw") — Terry Bradshaw is trending and goes to great lengths to clean a stain on his shirt.

3. Buick (“Not So Pee-wee Football”) — Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr make surprise appearances at a pee-wee football game.

4. Honda (“Yearbooks”) — Celebrity yearbook photos come to life in a spot about the importance of chasing dreams.

5. Mr. Clean (“Cleaner of Your Dreams”) — A woman daydreams about a seductive Mr. Clean before he’s transformed back into her husband.

Besides watching other brands & industries I personally like to also watch new Sci Fi movies that stir up my creativity.

What are some unique things you do in your marketing efforts? 

PS. Here are my 2 favourites because I love JT and Skittles (lol).



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