Success Is Fulfillment Of Purpose for Significance

Success Is Fulfillment Of Purpose for Significance

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I’ve had something on my mind this week.

Three words that I wrote down on a page in my journal the other day and have continued to think about... SUCCESS, FULFILLMENT, SIGNIFICANCE. It’s probably not too far fetched to say that most of us think of those things quite regularly, wondering how to achieve each of them. I know I do.

I’ve learned recently that thinking a thought through is where most of us miss the ultimate value of a thought (myself 100% included).

We have 50 – 70 THOUSAND of them each day, so having a thought is not really the hard part!

It’s taking the time to develop them and actually THINK the good ones through. As I spent a little time each day looking at those 3 words and thinking about them, more thoughts continued to develop around them which began to tie them together.

I had nothing other than the 3 words written down at first but this morning as I woke up I found myself running to my office to write something down before my steel trap of a mind forgot what I was thinking… which is usually roughly 10 seconds later 😉

All of the sudden I found myself with a thought that tied all 3 words together, and this is what I wrote:


Here’s a quick video on the 4 STEPS, Check it out and let me know what you think!

Spending some more time thinking on that this morning, I have written down 4 STEPS to take in order to achieve Success (or fulfillment of purpose for significance). I believe that by starting with a more simple, focused definition of success like the one above, it allows us to then do practical things to work towards achieving it.

It is when we have a vague, incorrect understanding of success that it becomes tougher to hit that mark… like when we think of success as the accumulation of “stuff”.

I’ll admit, I kind of thought that’s what it was about for a while… until I looked around at others who seemed to have made it to that point yet still lacked a feeling of fulfillment.

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