Cross Blog Conversation With Angela Wills: Closing Out 2016 Strong

Cross Blog Conversation With Angela Wills: Closing Out 2016 Strong


Hey Angela,

Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote and it’s only been a few days (lol).  So let’s dig in…

My biggest goal right now, in this moment is to close out 2016 super duper strong. I’ve been enjoying my new boot camp and pushing myself physically as well, I like the challenge of it all even though my body has a hard time keeping up to my brain.

I’ve been working on my book… Jeepers, wait till you hear what’s been going on! First off, I had to change the name of my book to “Her Life Counts” due to someone else using “Your Life Counts”.  I could hardly believe it, I’ve been calling it that for the last 2 years so I was even emotional about having to change the name but that’s how the cookie crumbles. 

As you can see from the link above, I’ve started creating a website for my book AND I got the most beautiful graphic created for it too!!!


I’m going to print it and have it framed for my wall at home.

You asked me…

I was looking around your book page and I noticed you also have an audio version there, free? Will you take that down when you release the book?

Also I’m totally curious what happens AFTER the book is released. I know you may not have it all worked out or may not be ready to share your whole game plan yet but do you have ways you’ll pull the message from the book into your business, marketing and new products?

I do plan to leave the audios up, I created them before I started writing the book.

My intention was to put ALL of the audios into the book but only got 7 of them in there. I just figured they didn’t all have to be in there, I dunno (lol).

Basically this is what I did… I created the audios, then wrote the book, then added the 7 audios to the book and it felt complete. So I left the other audio’s out of the book and will just have them all there for people to listen to.

I do plan to professionally record the book so I can have that as a bonus for people who purchase it. I think it’s lovely to offer more than one option for people. I think I may just Facebook Live the recording of the book, you can see all my flubs and drink water along the way (lol) I know so super exciting hey?

We shall see.

I also have another creative idea for the book which is going to take on a whole new life of it’s own. I’m going to keep that one under wraps but I’ll give you a hint… it’s something I’ve done before and it’s easy as pie, plus it offers something new to existing customers. At the same time it’s definitely “fanning out” the message of the book and when it’s all said and done, it won’t be just a book that was created.

I really love all of this, first it feels like I have created something that I feel God lead me to create. From there I get to use all the tools in my belt to add my own little flare to it all.

It’s fun, creative and I’m so happy to feel like I’m doing something that shares my Faith.

So how did your Black Friday go? Did you get your new planner yet?

Oh wow as I’m reading your post again I forgot that you mentioned that STRONG was your word for 2016, how cool is that?

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Mine was Abundance.


My daughter Tori created this art for me and it’s all nicely framed in the office and I look at it all the time. I just love it.

I have no clue what my “one word” for 2017 will be… need to think on that.

So I wonder, what’s one thing you surprised yourself with in 2016?

I’m shocked that I finished writing a book (lol).

Looking forward to your response 🙂



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