My Virtual Water Cooler: God Is Creating Something New Over Here

My Virtual Water Cooler: God Is Creating Something New Over Here

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God Is Creating Something New

1-writeI’m shaking things up because God wants to do something new with me and you too. 🙂

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Recently in church my Pastor John Burns talked about God wanting to do something new because we can put our hands to anything in this life but when you involve God there is always a miracle on the other side of your obedience to Him.

I left church that day thinking how I was only going to work on God’s best for every area of my life.

But there has been a true struggle on the inside of me.

You see I have allowed things into my life that is not God’s best, I have also had a hard time “letting go” of all that I can do personally. Also as an entrepreneur I clearly have relied on my own ability and what my experience is to do to make things happen in my business.

I was on a roll….

I started taking on new clients, I was charging people to coach with me, I even put together a special day at the beach for others to learn from me. It was going well until my Pastor reminded me that day that there is no miracle in doing the usual.

I encourage you to watch this message from my Pastor, I know it will inspire you to ACT on God’s call over your life.

I had other websites that I launched that I figured was the ONE. But they just weren’t. One site I even got up to 1000 visitors a day when I abandoned it knowing full well that was not what I should be working on.

The miracle is when I am obedient to His call over my life and I actually follow it and do the work.

That is what Your Life Counts is all about, plus I’m talking to others who encourage us to follow this path.  I’m sharing from my heart which is extremely hard to do.

This blog may not seem like something new to you since I’ve been in the online marketing world for the last 10 years but this really is part of my something new.  This site is my virtual water cooler to share my journey as I walk into all that God is creating me to be.

I have family members wondering what the heck I’m up to but I know deep down to the core of my soul that I am meant to be doing this work. Sharing here with you so you too can jump into God’s best for your life.

It’s already happening with my friend over here.


I want to be healthy in ALL aspects of my life so I’ve been shaking things up because you know, my life counts right?

I’ve lost 12 lbs in the last 3 weeks and joined an amazing group of women in business that I look forward to blogging about in the very near future. Why would I join a group of business women? Well because they are pushing the limits in their life and giving back in a huge way.

I want to surround every part of my life with others who are truly changing the world.

I am choosing to work on what counts for eternity, not what I know how to do…. life is fast and there is nothing else I would rather do than to glorify God.


PS. I love this journey that I’m on, God is so good to me while I’ve been struggling with this for the last 4 years. God’s best & miracles are ahead! Thank you Jesus!




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