Solo Masterminds Review With Kelly McCausey & Melissa Ingold

Solo Masterminds Review With Kelly McCausey & Melissa Ingold

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It’s Better To Build Something With Friends


Before getting into this review the current owners of Solo Masterminds is Kelly McCausey and Melissa Ingold.

Kelly is the original founder of the site and is still guiding women and men into having a successful online biz. She knows her stuff and it’s a blessing to call her my friend.

I originally wrote this review back in 2009 but everything I said still stands today. Solo Masterminds is THE tool that I used to set up my online biz before my 5 retail stores sold and closed. 😉

Here’s a Photo of A Meet Up We Had

In Toronto, Ontario


A bunch of us members got together and had lunch, it was lovely and such a JOY to meet these people I was learning beside. I have never met Kelly personally but she is like a big sister to me, she has an amazing biz!

Want to Start An Online Biz?

I cannot even begin to express what this community of women has meant to me in my life.

When I first started with Solo Masterminds it was when they first started and opened up the doors. I was one of only a handful of members that first joined up in 2004.

Let’s see, I was in the midst of chaos with 5 retail stores and a strong desire to make an income online that would support my family. I always knew it was possible because I saw that Kelly, Alice & Lynette were already doing this.

I often joined virtual events right from my store via the computer and started my learning curve. Prior to joining Solo Masterminds I knew how to do the following things online:

  • Create a very simple web page (I literally only had 6 online)
  • Create a link
  • Link from one page to another

And I think that’s about it.

I will never forget the first major task that I learned and that was setting up a web page that directed people to sign up to my newsletter. I remember Alice telling me how important it was to build my subscribers and then she walked me through step by step how to do my very first blackmart apk app Adwords campaign. I directed my adwords campaign over to my newsletter page and voila!

Instant subscribers.

Since then I have created websites, membership sites, bought and sold websites and domains. I have moved into new areas of online business which included a writing site that created content for busy blog owners. And of course my biggest venture of all — purchasing this very site you’re reading this on (

(Side Note: I sold and all of my efforts are here at

That’s the beauty about online business is that you can go into areas of business that compliment who you are and what you enjoy.

I also had to endure the painful journey of watching my daughter fight cancer twice and win! My Solo Masterminds friends were there to support me through it all.

The first thing they did was gather up money so that my daughter could buy herself something nice and not feel so crappy about what she was going through. Another friend Nicole Dean sent me some beautiful books for my other two children so they wouldn’t feel left out.

I absolutely LOVE this group of women, they not only teach you how to run an online business but they offer a unique perspective when it comes to running your business with a family, life circumstances and more. They are simply wonderful and I’m so glad to call it my own virtual home.

You will also learn many aspects of running your online business like:

  • traffic generation
  • social media
  • building your site
  • css
  • membership sites
  • budgeting
  • affiliate marketing
  • time management
  • business ideas
  • blogging
  • and more

You will always be able to ask your question and get a thoughtful response back. Kelly and Lynette NEVER recommend anything they haven’t used themselves and loved. Kelly’s motto is, “If I can’t recommend it to my sister, I won’t recommend it to you.”

You’ll also find that most members have their own story about why they wanted to run an online business. Kelly was a single mom in serious debt and then built an online business to support herself and her son. Why wouldn’t I want to learn from someone who also started out with a desire and built her business to something that’s so spectactular?

I myself went from running a successful offline business (MISERABLE) to a successful online business (SUPER HAPPY) that allows me to work from home and be there for my children — especially in tough times like my daughter’s case.

You will never go wrong joining Solo Masterminds — all you need is the desire to start your business and they will help you with the rest.

By the way … Kelly did this status update the other day and it definitely caught my attention. It definitely IS possible to earn a thousand in one day online, I haven’t personally done it yet but I will. 😉 This is the gal who taught me a TON about running a biz that doesn’t tie you down to a physical location.




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