Social Marketing Results Review With Lynn Terry

Social Marketing Results Review With Lynn Terry

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Social Media How To & Focus To Get ‘er Done!

lynnIt’s an incredible day!

I’m sitting here as it’s lightly raining outside listening to John Mayer (who else lol!) with a pumpkin spice candle filling up the room with the most wonderful scent.

It’s really feeling like Fall to me now.

I’m reading through Lynn Terry’s brand new product,Social Marketing Results and I’m absolutely *loving* it!

socialmarketingresultsIf you know Lynn, you know she’s a “super affiliate” and has hardly done ANY product creation because it truly takes a lot of effort to do.

Social Marketing Results is amazing mostly because it was put together by one smart cookie (that would be Lynn lol!) who knows her stuff. Her work is based on experience.

I love this because that’s what I like to work with, people who get real results!

Social Marketing Results – dramatically increase website traffic, make more sales, get more links, improve your search engine rankings, waste less time, and grow your business even faster

The Webinar: 2.5 Hours of Content

Inside Lynn’s Webinar you will learn a ton, there is 2.5 hours of content that you will put to use right away. Its the best way to learn and for myself I like to listen to people explain rather than read so this was very lovely to follow along. I do like to go back and refer to the PDF version (which is very pretty by the way lol!) – because I can scan to the sections Id like to work on.

16 Minutes Into the Webinar & I’ve Done A TON Of Work


I revamped 2 very key things …

My thank you page over at Faith Adventurist and my Welcome Email after people subscribe to my daily updates.

I even changed ONE thing in my marketing that I have done for years, I’m really excited to see how it all pans out.

(please note that if you grab Lynn’s product I’ll give you a bonus that explains what this was, it’s a game changer for me!)

I Love Social Media But Don’t Like To “Work It”

I love social media and I’m constantly on Facebook, I do like it, try a lot. But when it comes to my “work” besides my own pages — well I don’t really want to work on any of it.

Until Lynn came up with this product where I can spend a tiny bit of minutes each day (15 min) and get a ton accomplished.

I really double .. even triple like that!

Private Brainstorming Forum On Facebook

Inside the private brainstorming forum inside Facebook I was actually pretty surprised at everything that Lynn keeps us “up to date” on. There are special days she keeps us focused and on task for, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who moves fast like this with their work.

It’s a true joy!

There’s power in building momentum and getting things done. I love that Lynn does this for me.

Lynn Terry Truly Is The Right Person To Guide You Along

Think about it, everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, especially Facebook. I’m on it mostly because of how fun it is, I get very distracted looking at pictures and commenting on my kids photos and my family stuff.

Lynn takes you by the hand inside her initial Webinar and shows you *exactly* what to do to grow your own presence.

This is really cool, so I’m adding this stuff into my daily work life for my sites, especially here since it’s truly from the heart.

There’s going to be a lot more Webinars coming down the line too which is a huge surprise but for me the best part is communicating with Lynn as I need the help to go along my merry little way.

This is business building stuff and I’m so thankful she put this together because I was really not interested in going through a course on social media, Lynn made this EASY.

I don’t deal well with things that won’t get me a good end result — meaning, income for my life. This will do it.

Definitely worth the effort and elbow grease!

Click here to get started with Lynn

PS. The PDF is amazing and MEGA pretty (lol!) Makes it fun to peel through and apply the things I need to get done each day.




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