Be A Pen In God’s Hand & Let Him Write Your Story

Be A Pen In God’s Hand & Let Him Write Your Story

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She Conference at Relate Church, Surrey BC 

penIt was spoken within our church before and I *so* wish I could remember which Pastor said it but Helen Burns repeated it again at our conference,

“Be the pen in God’s hand and let Him write your story.”

Oh how I love this phrase, just be God’s pen, his tool and let Him write it all out. Right now as I write this my logo is getting a tweak in my catch phrase and I asked for more hearts 🙂

I am completely obsessed with making my one precious life count.

So I made this video for you on how the “She Conference 2015” went for me personally and what is coming out of it all.

[s3vpp id=470999f48833d9b59a0026ef3d262b33]

I am also so incredibly blessed to have beautiful people in my life like Jacquie McGee who is one of those world changing women I was talking about (Jacquie is a Pastor at Relate Church). I can’t tell you how LOVED I feel in this life.

I am

I’m also visually seeing all new levels of “Action.” I want to be a tool in God’s hand like never before and I believe I am well on my way of doing so.

What ACTION are you ready to take? 

Vera Raposo Spring


ps. He will never fail you <3



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