Seth Godin Tribes Book Review

Seth Godin Tribes Book Review

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Tribes Review by Seth Godin


This is pretty much one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to developing your leadership and creating a movement around your passion.

I’m bold about this — we all need to be using the power of the internet to get the word out about our business & what God is calling us to do.

verawithtribesI get business books mailed to me all the time to review, I have a bunch of them for sure, but when it’s not one that I was interested in reading it makes my work a tad bit boring.

So just before Christmas I attended a webinar on writing and won a $30 Amazon gift card, my initial thought was to give it away but I couldn’t because my name was on it.

So …. I bought this book with it, what a treat! I was highlighting my little guts out through this entire book which I devoured in one sitting.

It’s definitely changed my thinking. 

I guess you could call me “old school internet.”

There are so many things to do behind the scenes that are not the “new way” of doing things. Social Media is HOT and it’s here to stay, yes it is!

But there are so many other things you should be doing that builds the framework and foundation on what you are doing online. This book challenges me to not only add but think bigger.

Tribes: The Book


The copyright is dated in 2008 and is 151 pages of pure challenge, truly wish I had read this book earlier. I don’t think it would have completely changed what I’m doing now by any means but it would have helped give me a better and bigger vision for what I’m doing in this life, a lot sooner.

I ordered it through Amazon (the only place besides Chapters for me) and it arrived in a small little brown box. 🙂 Which reminds me, my daughter bought me a gift card from Chapters at Christmas, totally need to go get another book soon.

I of course got the hard cover of the book, for some reason that makes me feel like I have something really special.

It’s the first time in a long time I was actually excited to open up a package in a while.

To my surprise it was a small little book, I was expecting something much bigger.

But that was ok, good things can come out of small.

Reading Tribes 

I wasn’t expecting that it would be a book that I couldn’t put down or even one I would want to read more than a few times. Yes this is a book that I will extract and put into some serious action.

Thankfully I am working on it within the purpose I was created for in this life.

I decided to get it because it was one that has been on the back burner of my mind for some time. I enjoyed almost every single part of it.

Building Your Own Tribe

From what I can see there are 3 main parts to building a tribe:

#1) Faith – You need to have the faith that you can do it

#2) Action – Create belonging – Publish a manifesto, connect people together

#3) Do It Your Way – There are no clear “do this, do that steps,” just do it.

Are You On The Right Track For This Book?

The only little negative that I can see from reading this book is taking it and pushing yourself into a direction where maybe you shouldn’t be going.

I know all too well that I’ve gone a few different directions in the last few years. But I wanted to be really grounded in what I’m doing, know the foundation that I’ve laid is what I want and what God wants for me. I think we all flounder a bit here garageband free download for windows and there and it’s definitely the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life.  I so desperately wanted to go back to the old way of doing things.

My old way meant an amazing income and a workaholic lifestyle.

I knew I would be lost forever, lost from the friends that I have, lost from my church, my family and worse, far away from God.

So I took this path in life one that is very hard but so worth it.

One Last Thing

Seth Godin says at the end …

“If you got anything out of this book, if you highlighted or circled or Post-it-ed, I’m hoping you’ll do something for me: Give this copy to someone else.”

And with that, I would love to give this book away. All you need to do is comment here on this post, I will draw a name out of the hat and I will whisk it away to you.

On my way to read that book again,





So are you ready to build your tribe? Comment Below 🙂



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