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Reliable Resources For Your Business 

veraprofilepicSharing my wonderful resources with you here, watch this space for amazing people that I get to do LIFE and BIZ with.

I share everything that is good and wonderful — always.

What’s different about me is that I only recommend what I personally use, there’s no point recommending other services that do not impact my life or my business at all.

Enjoy! They are all amazing people and have wonderful business help for you.


5 Days To Your Best Year Ever 

best-year-everIt’s time to buckle up and get going… I’ve been working on the goal setting program that actually got me to set BIG goals for this year. I’m am completely transparent with you, life has NOT been easy but I have dug my way out. I have determination to get back to the monthly income I once had with my online business. Won’t you join me in the journey?

Need Content?

contlogoAlice Seba’s Private Label Rights
– My good friend Alice has been in the  content marketing arena for many years now and is a very trusted & reliable source. “Do It Yourself Private Label Rights” is visual content that will help you take your readers through a process step-by-step with pictures. “All Private Label Content” gives you articles, blog posts, email messages & more.

Need A Plan For Social Media?

socialmarketingresultsLynn Terry’s Social Marketing Results – It’s an incredible day! I’m sitting here as it’s lightly raining outside listening to John Mayer (who else lol!) with a pumpkin spice candle filling up the room with the most wonderful scent. It’s really feeling like Fall to me now. I’m reading through Lynn Terry’s brand new product, Social Marketing Results and I’m absolutely *loving* it…


Want to Quit Your Day Job?

nichesuccessblueprintLynn Terry’s Niche Success Blueprint – From start to profit my friend Lynn Terry shows you the direct path to get ‘er done. I am absolutely loving this course and it’s giving me not only big direction but it’s reminding me of things I would have missed if I did it all by memory. Plus, Lynn knows cutting edge stuff, no kidding … she’s been a super affiliate for many years and my goal is to do the same, it’s one thing online that I haven’t conquered yet (lol!) …

Need Images For Your Blog?

Bring Your Dream Alive

Dollar Photo Club – I have purchased stock photos over the years and there has been NO place on the internet earth that I have enjoyed as much as the Dollar Photo Club.  Super easy to grab the images for my blogs.


Need A Reliable Web Host?


I switched to Reliable Webs and never looked back. It’s still the coziest place I’ve ever hosted my websites.

Scott is just amazing too, if there’s ever a small issue he always responds within a couple of hours.

I never have to worry and things are always resolved VERY quickly.

Love it!

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