A Faithful Prayer

A Faithful Prayer

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This is actual email correspondence from the night before my daughter’s stem cell transplant.helen-balzer

I emailed my Pastor as I was sitting on the chair that opened up to a bed inside the hospital room with my daughter. I couldn’t cry because I would wake my daughter up and I didn’t want to upset the parents by talking in the lounge.

We prayed many prayers during the entire journey but this one is extra special to me. It was also a very distinct moment for me when I could have chosen fear instead of faith. This is my real journey watching my daughter fight for her life.

If you or anyone you know needs healing, Helen and I would like you to pray this prayer over their life and over you. I trust that God is THE healer and protector and I hope you find encouragement from this book, which is a combination of my testimony and my baby steps back into life after my daughter’s sickness. May God Bless you.

Hi Helen,

Please pray for my strength, I’m having another really tough night tonight. I’m really starting to worry about this whole thing and my gut is really aching. Tori’s asleep now and I’m about to head off to bed but I can’t stop thinking about the stem cell transplant.

We need to really pray hard for Tori like never before, I want all my thoughts to be nothing but positive but it’s so hard when they tell you things about it all. All I can say is that this is really harsh to go through and I’m getting scared. I’m going to go and look up some scriptures to help me and pray for strength.

I can’t call you because Tori will hear me in the room and there’s parents in the parent lounge where there’s a payphone and I’ll be a babbling mess if I let down my guard. I don’t want to upset Tori or any other parents, they are all going through this too. 🙁 I’ll be ok, maybe can I call you tomorrow night? We go home tomorrow around noon. Thanks for being there, this is really getting hard for me.

From Helen: Ok. Then we’re going to pray right here together….via email!! This is so much bigger than what you can handle in the natural. We need to give it to God one more time…..

Jesus, we come to you right now confident that you are here in this moment of need. God, we thank you that you are a faithful God.

You’ve promised to never leave us nor forsake us. So, we give you the cares of this situation with Tori. We thank you that your yoke is easy and your burden is light because this feels heavy to carry right now.

By faith, I release Tori into your care and trust you for health. God, you know all my concerns because you know my thoughts. I thank you that your ways and thoughts are higher than mine so I submit to your ways and thoughts.

Jesus, Peter says, that by your stripes that Tori was healed and so I claim healing in her body. When the pressures of the environment seem overwhelming in the hospital this truth keeps Vera anchored. Your Word is a lamp unto her feet.

I thank you that there is a peace that passes all understanding. It guards Vera’s heart and mind today against every evil attack of the enemy. Thank you for your armor. It’s her protection against the fiery darts of lies and fear that the devil wants to torment her with.

She is protected today….hidden under the shelter of the most high God. Your Word brings strength to her life. And God, help Vera to know that she doesn’t stand alone. There is a church family that supports her and her family and stands alongside every step and decision of this journey. She is loved….

God, I thank you for a peaceful night’s rest. Let her heart and mind be at peace. Surround her with your love.

In Jesus Name….

Love you so much my friend.

My response: Hi Helen. Thank you so much for the prayer, it really helps and I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I need to get some sleep and know that God is in control and He will protect my baby girl. I’m very sleep deprived right now and that’s when I feel so sad like this, just felt very desperate again tonight. Thank you. I’m going to read that prayer again in the morning. Vera.

Your life counts, what God placed inside of you counts and everything you are called to do in the future counts not just for yourself, your family or for this moment, it counts for eternity.

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