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I have only ever had 2 clients like this, Carolyn Arends & Al Lamons. Both of them are extremely creative people who have been in business each for 20+ years. 

You pretty much have to be identical to them (lol). I will only take on 3 clients in this manner because there are many things I love to work on myself along with the serving I do at my church.

I work with long time entrepreneurs *only* (15+ years). Working with Al Lamons is a serious blessing to my life, we have a ton of fun while we work and never take anything too seriously.

I work within your business and manage it all for you like it’s my own business. You must book me for a full year to secure your spot.

*Note: Only 2 Client Spots Available*

Vera Raposo Spring

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    Hi! I’m Vera Raposo and I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a child. I have owned several businesses and currently love having my business online since 2004. I love helping entrepreneurs connect the dots with their passion.

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