15 Days To More Traffic Day #13: Paid Traffic, the Holy Grail of Fast Traffic Growth

15 Days To More Traffic Day #13: Paid Traffic, the Holy Grail of Fast Traffic Growth

Paid Traffic, the Holy Grail of Fast Traffic Growth

day13Paid traffic can grow a business at a breakneck speed. With organic traffic growth, you’ll generally have to build your traffic by a few hundred or a couple thousand visitors a month. With paid traffic, you can literally go from zero to thousands of visitors in a matter of days. That said, paid traffic is a completely different animal and requires a different mindset than free traffic.

Here’s what you need to know to setup a profitable paid traffic campaign.

Conversion Rates, Upsells and EPC

Your Earnings Per Click (EPC) is the most important number when it comes to paid traffic. Your EPC is a representation of how much you make for every visitor who lands on your site, including upsells and products they buy over time. It’s your lifetime customer value divided by your conversion rate.

If a customer on average is worth $100 to you over their lifetime (or the first year in your customer base) and your conversion rate is 2%, then your EPC is $2. If you were paying $2 to acquire a click, you’d break even. Every penny you earn above $2 is profit. This is the most important number you need to know to do paid traffic.

You can of course start testing paid traffic before you know this number, but the sooner you can calculate it the sooner you can aggressively buy traffic.

Choosing a Traffic Network

There are hundreds of different paid traffic sources on the net. The biggest is, of course, AdWords. AdWords has a ton of volume and tends to convert quite well. Conversely, there’s high competition, and Google is extremely strict about the rules.

Bing is a much lower traffic option. It converts higher than AdWords and has rules which are much laxer. Facebook Ads is great for broader products that appeal to a wide demographic, but can’t be as laser-targeted as AdWords.

Google Content Network and SiteScout are great starting points for display (banner) advertising. Of course, you can also contact individual sites and ask to buy ads on their sites.

Optimizing Your Campaigns

It’s rare to build a profitable campaign right out the gate. Instead, you’ll generally have to optimize your campaigns before you see any improvement.

If you’re using a search-based traffic source, track your keywords and see which ones are making money and which aren’t. Cut your non-converting keywords. Expand on your converting keywords.

If you’re doing display, cut ads on sites that aren’t converting. If you’re on Facebook, check to see which demographics and keywords are converting. Cut anything that isn’t.

Split test different ads to see which generate more clicks and which generate more sales. Remember to optimize for both. Split test your landing pages as well.

Look at your times of days and days of week for trends. You’ll generally find that certain times give you a higher ROI than others. Cut out times of days or days of the week that aren’t converting.

Rinse and repeat this process. Test new ideas, split test and then cut out the ideas that didn’t work. Do this consistently and you’ll quickly have a profitable flow of paid traffic.

Your Traffic Assignment:

If your budget can afford it, add a little EPC to the mix. Split test things to see which ad methods and times convert the best. Monitor everything so you can eliminate those that are not converting well.




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