Vera Talks Podcast – How To Start And Grow Your Online Business

Vera Talks Podcast – How To Start And Grow Your Online Business

Vera Talks Online BizThis is just me and you so get cozy and get ready because I’m going to teach you how to start and grow your online business, essentially how to get paid for what you know how to do and do it all online. How it used to be done is you would get a JOB, or start a business (I realized that wasn’t my dream), it’s my belief that everything has shifted in a HUGE way.

The Best Part Is You Will Have:

– freedom to enjoy the creative process
– grow a small team that handles it all
– make an impact on your family & the world
– true financial security

A Bit About My Story: 

– I was a District Manager for Kmart Portrait Studios after graduating high school
– I signed the first lease to my first store at age 21
– Worked my business AND my job till I was 24
– The retail business was not the dream I signed up for
– I went online in 2004, full time in 2007 selling digital products in many different markets

My Comeback Story:

– How I had to re-learn confidence so I could do it all over again
– The beautiful results I’m achieving as I move forward
– My income is stable but I need more
– My confidence is up BIG time

Get Ready To Work: 

Inside this podcast I teach you 7 simple steps on how to start and grow your online business from choosing your market right to developing products.

The Awesomization Nation 

If you ever wonder what would be considered a “water cooler” in the office you work at for an online business owner, this is it but only 100x better!!! The Awesomization Nation is an incredible place in my life where I join up with other online business friends and accept the challenge by Nicole Dean to do ONE action everyday to make our lives better, grow our business and make the world a better place.  The cart closes September 7th!!! Please come and join over 300+ entrepreneurs who are making a huge impact.

“We Rise By Lifting Others” 

I hope this podcast lifts you today and inspires you to do incredible things with your life. We are just getting started.

Lots of love,

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PS. This is the fantastic journey that I’m on, I hope you come and check it out.

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