Niche Success Blueprint Review With Lynn Terry

Niche Success Blueprint Review With Lynn Terry

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My Review of Lynn Terry’s Niche Success Blueprint

Want to be able to do this???

Then you just need to do this 😉



Please meet my current business coach and friend … Lynn Terry. I’m following this main course from her all about online business.

You can listen to what she has to say about online business here…

This year marks 10 years in online business for me (not counting my eBay days from 1997 – 2004).

Going forward I plan to master affiliate marketing to “super affiliate level” very soon.

lynnWhat can I say about Lynn? 

Besides being the *best* I know about affiliate marketing, she practices what she preaches.

For years she has spent her life creating websites based around different and unique niches and never taught it fully like this before.

Lynn Terry is a “Super Affiliate” which basically means that she makes the top percent of affiliates that make the majority of the sales.

In other words, if you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing and super affiliates, what it means is that she is top in this field.

I was well on my way to become a super affiliate when I have two very hard things in my life which made me re-evaluate everything that I was doing.

Now everything that I’ve done in the past and everything that I discover in the future is all being applied to my life and my business.

I love what I do and being a “super affiliate” is the only thing I haven’t conquered in the online world. It’s one of the best ways to make an income online.

Recommend products, make sales, receive commissions.

But there’s work to be done.


Today I shared what Lynn posted on Google+ and it’s so very true …

“I’m sick of hype. But I’m also completely exhausted with people wanting “instant results”. Totally ridiculous self-feeding cycle, with the people pushing the button bitching about the button being there. “I got scammed” (because I’m not willing to invest in my own health/finances/fill-in-the-blank). Rah. /rant

Want something? Get off our ass and make it happen. That’s my tip for the day.”


Get off your tooshie and get going already!

Let’s dig into my current study & Lynn’s step-by-step course, “Niche Success Blueprint.”

You may ask …. “Vera if you have had an online business for 10 years, why would you follow a course like this?”


Things change and what worked before doesn’t work now and what works now can be foundational stuff from before.

I want to know what Lynn does TODAY so I can apply it to my own business, it’s a mega short cut instead of reading up on all the latest stuff and try to figure it out.

Things like, where to position links, what to write in your anchor text, what colors work best etc. etc. But it goes beyond all that techie stuff, Lynn is super smart and super fast!

She implements things and works her tooshie off and it pays off in huge rewards for her.

This is solid stuff, you will make money from it if you follow what you’re supposed to do. I can’t say this has happened for me yet but I can say that I have made significant progress into everything that I am supposed to do.

You see, it’s so easy to forget steps, this isn’t a complicated business but it’s one that takes WORK.

Not so sexy I know but sooooo worth it, I promise you 😉

You Need To Make A Note Of This


If you don’t have any experience in this field it may be a bit harder for you to follow but Lynn is very good at responding to any questions to help you along.

But I wouldn’t let that stop me, you just need to follow along and when you get stuck, just keep moving forward and get it all done.

Here’s What I Personally Love So Far In This Course verablueprint2


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein …

This quote is inside the blueprint and it’s so true and exactly what I’m doing here for you. I could easily hold all of this back and not tell you what I’m doing behind the scenes but how does that help you with your business? your mission? your calling?

I am here to serve you … everything that I’ve done has lead me to this point in my life. Helping you here while pursuing my own passions.

It’s really all about letting your JOY and PASSION push through for others to see and SERVING others, it’s not about you, it’s how you are helping them.

The reward for your dedication to others is great!

What I Don’t Like


Nothing is perfect and while Lynn’s course is truly life changing if you want to leave your day job, I wish she had an audio series or even better yet a video series, or webinar for each week. That would make my learning a little less dry and more fun, I love interactive stuff.

Let’s Sum It All Up!


I will be sharing more details about how I’m doing throughout this course, I appreciate Lynn’s dedication to help others and I’m super proud to share her with you.

I could do a course on affiliate marketing (I’ve actually been asked by another online buddy friend to do one because my own experience is unique) but I feel like what I’m doing in this phase of my life is so much more important.

Plus, life is short and I want to enjoy it and make a difference in this world.


PS.  If you grab this course from this post I will be notified and will send you copies of my own personal notes as I go through this course. You will know everything that I’m doing and implementing!

PPS. I guarantee not only will you love it but it will change your life especially if you are wanting to leave the old day job.

You can grab it here:

$17/month for 12 months (instead of $37/mo)

$147 one-time payment (instead of $199)



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