My Time With Fabienne Fredrickson: This Is The Part Where I Was Going To Give up

My Time With Fabienne Fredrickson: This Is The Part Where I Was Going To Give up

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Please meet Fabienne and Derek Fredrickson from Client Attraction Business School. I have been inside the world of internet marketing since 2004 and came across this lovely couple.

I’m sure this will surprise a lot of my online biz buddies because I kept quiet about all of this, I’ll share why later.

When I found Fabienne online I was surprised that I had never heard of her before within my own circles. I started watching her You Tube Channel and found a lot of myself within her stories.

When I was an entrepreneur at age 20 I had absolutely no fear. I managed to open a few stores and purchased 2 with cash.

yes, cash.

My online path has been just as fearless.

I managed to create a presence that brought me crazy amounts of affiliate commission and income from a wide variety of sources.

It was all pretty darn cool.

Then life happened …

My daughter was diagnosed with cancer (Praise God she’s 5 years cancer free this year!!!) and then I went straight into a divorce.

Two very devastating life changes, big time.

After the dust settled from my business sell off rampage, I sat there wondering what would happen to me.

Because life was so heavy, I started giving up on being an entrepreneur. I figured that God probably didn’t want my life to be about making money anymore so I should give it all up.

The only thing that mattered to me was that I was walking in the purpose that God was calling me to.

My confidence in business was going down the toilet. It didn’t matter what I did in the past, I started doubting everything that I had even accomplished.

Making money to me used to be like a big game, it was fun and I enjoyed the excitement of it all. But there I was one day in my living room with tears because I thought God would want me to abandon this part of me to be able to do his work.

Life became less about my work and more about my path.

Little did I know as I discovered at church and my Faith Works class that God will put new dreams into your heart.

I also believe he brings people into your life for specific times in your life along the journey. I am now keep my eyes open to see the beautiful people he surrounds me with.

In my younger years I never even thought of having a business coach, my main goal was to have fun with my customers and didn’t blink an eye spending money on new product lines because I knew that I could sell it.

It’s a very different story when your confidence is shaken and for the first time I can understand why someone would be fearful to start their own business.

So when I was watching Fabienne’s videos I knew she was the right coach for me in that moment of my life.


After seeing her video testimonials from her customers and clients, it was a complete no-brainer to join one of her mastermind programs.

Add to this that her company is on the Inc Top 500|5000 for 3 years in a row.

A complete no-brainer.

Guess what happened?

The first week after joining her program I managed to bring in $17,000.00 in sales, yes you’re reading that right, that’s in one week.

I hopped into “Vera mode, sales are fun mode” and jumped all over the new inspiration I was getting.

The problem with it all is that I was just back in the place I was before, pursuing the wrong things, making the wrong connections …. it was completely the wrong path.

Then one day I flew out to Fabienne’s house for a private mastermind meeting with others who joined, I think there was 10 of us in Fabienne’s house that day.

I met life long friends who were also on the same journey as me, wanting to use their life and business in a much bigger way.

I was on her “hot seat” and as I spilled out my guts like I’ve done in this post, Fabienne gave me her best business advice.

You see, I know how to market, that wasn’t the problem.

My biggest problem was my mindset, how I viewed myself and the confidence that I had in this life.

She spoke quietly with tears in her eyes and told me a few things about who she saw sitting in front of her. I asked that it wasn’t recorded, I kind of wish it was now because that would have been something wonderful to share with you but I think it was kept private for a reason.

Fabienne suggested the name to my book, spoke straight to my heart and by the end I knew pretty well what I needed to do.

You see, I know marketing well …  I’ve done it with my stores and I’ve done it with my virtual business.

What Fabienne did for me was told me what she expected from me, I honestly felt like I had a new boss and I needed to get my work done 🙂

pretty funny.

She even told me on a private call one day how she saw me as a very powerful person, even more so than her. I’m not sure why she said that, maybe one day she’ll share why with me.

I wish I could tell you it all worked out perfectly from there. It didn’t.

When finished my year of coaching I launched a couple of websites that just didn’t fit me completely. But you know what? I recognized it and I moved on, I shut them down. 

What I’m most proud of is that I started helping to launch the dreams of others with what was in my hands quietly in the background. I used my skill for someone other than myself and I’m still doing it today.

I have stayed focused inside my Faith Works class (I graduated in 2013 but still attend every week where I serve) mostly listening to my Pastor John Burns every week. He has spoken so much into my business life too, he has helped me grow more in my confidence in all areas of my life.

Fabienne was completely spot on to my mission but it was only one piece to my puzzle. Thankfully I can see a picture that I’m busy painting out for my life and the only thing to do from there is do the work for it.

The book she suggested I write will be created too, thankfully my Pastor Helen Burns is also helping me get there and is encouraging me to write out my life story.

So why did I keep this all quiet?

Not even my family knew I was doing this … I wanted space and time to heal. I needed to be able to explore what I wanted to do with my business going forward without having to explain anything.

I wanted to merge my heart and my business in my own way.

I share this with you today because I truly want to help you here.  I pray you have the confidence to push through when you don’t feel like you can. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Looking back on the picture above, I am a completely different person. I can see where I was stuck now and have discovered the real ME underneath the work that I’ve done. I’ve also walked away from doing what I thought I should do with my work.

The neat thing that I have discovered …

I found these guys called “The Piano Guys” on You Tube, they play the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on the beach, it’s so relaxing and I was listening to it all the time.

I found that as I listened, I would imagine what my life will be like in the future. I want to do a vision board / vision movie soon too, it is SO important to train your brain into the life that you want to have.

One day I was heading out to an event and thought to myself, “I would love to buy a new pair of heels.” Just like lipstick, when I wear a pretty pair of heels I feel happy, centered and best of all beautiful.

Strange but true … if you’re a woman you’ll understand I’m sure (lol!)

Well I found the most perfect pair one day, they were a beautiful red and the first time I stepped out in them the compliments started flying.


I had a true winner for myself, I love these heels. <3

Then one day a friend pointed out that they looked like the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz.  I thought back to the thoughts I had during those moments listening to the Piano Guys.

It may seem silly, but that one little song and these one little pair of shoes inspire me.  So if you ever see me wearing them, you know how much I love them.

It makes me think of the line from the movie, “You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

As silly as this all sounds, it’s all part of the road I’m walking as God develops me into who I am becoming.

I’m thankful for the experience and yes I will coach with Fabienne & Derek again one day soon. They made a huge impact on my life and they know the world of marketing like no one else.

They are also very dear to my heart and such a special part of my life … the part when I was going to give up.

Thank you again Fabienne & Derek for being a part of my story, I’m still on my journey but I’m definitely on a very clear and thankful path.



PS. I continue my study and implement it all here. <3

PPS. If you’re struggling with having fear in your business, you should watch this.



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