My Daughter Is Officially A YouTuber!

My Daughter Is Officially A YouTuber!

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Tori Story

Can I say that I’m crazy excited that my daughter started her own You Tube channel with her daily vlogs. She’s one amazing gal with a big story and a big mission in life, she’s an amazing Mommy and now you can share in my joy in this life a little more too.

[s3vpp id=2ac318e93322305af962af14753fbecc]

I’m even scattered through her videos since I’m with her a lot, we are a super close family and it’s been a lot of fun.

You won’t meet a stronger, smarter, happier gal than Tori. I am super proud of my girl and even put together a video about it all.

“Daily Vlogs” are a huge deal ya’ll and a great way to build a career online 😉 For realz!

Here’s my daughter’s debut to YouTube…

[s3vpp id=4410b325f7f4a9d1339ad13c7413f641]

Have you started your You Tube Channel yet? No matter what type of work you do, you NEED to have one.

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