15 Days To More Traffic Day #15: Mobile = 28% of Traffic and Growing. Is Your Site Ready?

15 Days To More Traffic Day #15: Mobile = 28% of Traffic and Growing. Is Your Site Ready?

day15Mobile = 28% of Traffic and Growing. Is Your Site Ready?

People are flocking to mobile devices in record numbers. In 2014, mobile traffic accounts for 28% of all web traffic. In 2015, many experts estimate this number will be 35% – over one third of the web. Fortunately, most many business owners are still unprepared for this big move. Their lack of readiness could be your golden opportunity.

How can you leverage the mobile revolution to your advantage – and boost your traffic as a result?

Mobile Prepared Blogs & Websites Get Mobile Readers

Imagine you’re someone who only uses their mobile devices to read blogs and web content. You’re a big fan of Widgets. You want to read Widget content on your way to work.

You spend a little bit of time Googling and you find four blogs on Widgets. Unfortunately, three of them don’t work well on your device. It loads slowly, it scrolls slowly, the text doesn’t fit your screen, and the buttons are too small to click on. You have to spend many frustrating minutes just trying to get it to work.

However, on one of the blogs, everything works perfectly. The text is easy to read, the site is easy to navigate, and the information is top notch. Which site do you think this reader will return to in the future?

Remember: 28% (and growing) of web traffic is like this reader. Mobile optimizing your site will give you a serious advantage over everyone else in your space.

How to Prepare Your Website

There are two main ways to prepare a website for mobile readership. One is to create a separate mobile domain. You often see this portrayed as “m.example.com” with the “m” as the subdomain. While this style works, it means you only create one mobile website. One website for all the different screen sizes – iPhones, iPads, Galaxies, Nexus Ones, etc. Chances are, your site won’t look good on every single screen.

Instead, what most people are leaning towards now are responsive designs. These are designs that conform to the size of the screen. Meaning the website will actually rearrange itself based on the device’s screen size. So your website will look perfect, whether they’re on an iPhone, an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy.

Mobile Optimize Your Emails

The importance of optimizing your emails is even greater than optimizing your website. A whopping 48% of all emails are read on mobile devices. And 69% of mobile readers delete emails if they aren’t optimized for mobile.

So how do you optimize for mobile devices?

First, compress your images so they load faster on 3G, 4G and LTE. Then set image sizes to conform to the screen size, rather than being a static size. You do this using the max-width:X% CSS tag.

Then, redo your links and your navigation so they’re larger. They should be easy to click on with an index finger.

Finally, use either an existing responsive email template, or have a web designer design a new responsive template for you from scratch. Much like responsive web design, this will ensure that your emails look good no matter what devices they’re accessed on.

Your Traffic Assignment:  

Make sure your website has a responsive design. If it doesn’t, consider switching templates. Check that your link text is large enough for readers to click with an index finger.

Have a mobile optimized email template created and use it with all future emails.

Final Thoughts – Where to Go From Here

Congratulations! You’ve finished all 15 days of our traffic series. You now know how to use SEO, blogging, social media, paid traffic and more to bring in thousands of new visitors. If you’ve completed all of the assignments, you should start seeing an increase in traffic, if you aren’t already doing so.

Now that you understand and have practiced all of these techniques, you may want to focus your attention on just 1 to 3 strategies for now. Don’t bounce around – instead, work on just a few traffic strategies until you either get results, or it becomes clear that one or more is not working. Eliminate those that are not working and move on to the next technique.

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