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My life is given to the only one who will hold my heart, guide my steps and carry me along this journey — Jesus.  I have a personal friendship with Him and all I do is for Him above, I pray to spend every moment of my life in pursuit of Him and helping others in this life of mine.

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John 14:6 – “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

There is not one moment to lose, life is short and I hope to reflect that here as I work on these beautiful missions with other people leading the way — people who are changing the world every single day.

I love working with these passionate people and hope to bring you more stories about them as I go along.

My Current Mission

Canadian Blood Services


This is a very new mission for me and one that was connected through my friend Bill de Groot.

We are having a blood donation event in Surrey, BC where my daughter and I will be participating to draw attention to this amazing cause.

It’s one that I didn’t think I would do really, I truly believe it was lead by God.

I look forward to meeting all the wonderful people who work at Canadian Blood Services and participating in their celebration event in May 2014 where I will be speaking from the heart.

I really look forward to this journey with my daughter, it will truly be an emotional journey.





My Current Mission

Friends United Beyond All Race



I met Al Lamons at church during our Faith Works Class that we both took for 2 years. Little did I know the journey we would take and how God opened up my heart to work on his mission — Make A Wish

I am currently helping Al with new branding for his site, social media, marketing and all that good stuff.

This is a picture of us at his Splashdown Event and here’s a post I wrote about the Golf Tournament (I never intended on playing that day but I did!)

From there, we will continue to work out his site so it’s exactly where it needs to be for him to take it over.

Make A Wish is very special to me as my daughter received her own wish. It offers the opportunity for families to feel “normal” and just enjoy their life for a little while without having the worry of what is happening in their lives.

You just can’t put a price on those moments, they are so incredibly precious.

Here’s Our Team Shot Right Before The Tournament 2013


My Current Mission

Relate Church


I’m working on a variety of items for my HOME church, Relate Church in Surrey, BC Canada.  I love this place, it’s where I’ve raised my kids to know God and for me to continue to grow in my Faith. I’d like to share some of the things I’m working on with you here.

Relate Church Community Care & Kids Christmas Project




Here I am beside Pastor Loretta who handles ALL the community care at our church.

The current project that I’m helping her with is the Kids Christmas Project.

This is a massive project as there are many websites involved with this.

So much that I had a special graphic created just for what Relate Church was doing.




I’m rather proud of it …


I’m thrilled to be able to support the church in these projects with the usual website stuff, marketing and social media items that are always on the list to do.

I spend  a lot time at my church and I’m very dedicated to helping where I can.

I love helping out at the front door and greeting people with our entire host team as they come inside to church, even on the rainy days.

Relate Church Faith Works Bible College


jacquieVery new to my list: I’ll be working with Pastors Marv & Jacquie McGee who run  the Faith Works Course at our church.

I’ll be helping with the marketing and social media stuff — after we launch the new website which will come soon. Every Monday night I’ll be inside the Faith Works course listening, blogging, tweeting and more.

I’m very much looking forward to it because essentially I’ll hear that word of God over my life again.

I’m excited!


Relate Church Volunteering

I started serving at the door of our church a couple of years ago and that’s when I met the most friendly person, Stephanie Atwell.

This woman has a heart of gold and a huge love for Christ and reaching people. It’s been a great couple of years and now …

I was recently promoted to “Overseer” of the front door :-)

I embrace this title with love as I’m thankful for all the friends I have and all the new people I get to help when they come through looking to find God.

Here’s a shot with Stephanie and I who are now co-overseers!

We are leading the Host Team together at church and I just couldn’t do it with a more lovely person. Stephanie Atwell rocks my world, we have a ton of fun together!


Here’s What Angela Doell – Executive Pastor At Relate Church Said About Me

angelaVera is a serious inspiration.

She’s strong, gutsy, and she has a great big heart to make a difference.

I’m so glad our paths have crossed and I have no doubt that whatever she puts her hand to will succeed.

Angela Burns Doell

Executive Pastor – Relate Church

Previous Missions In Order

Take Me Beyond Ministries


prison I was busy working with my client Carolyn Arends on a Canada wide tour when in Langley, BC she invited éliane guité to come and sing at her concert.

Little did I know working with this gal was the beginning of what God was going to do in my heart.

Once I met this very special lady I knew I wanted to help her. She needed a new website and her domain so she could move forward with her vision.

I was happy that we installed a new WordPress design for her and now she’s running along with all of her own updates.

She travels the world singing inside prisons, special girl and I just love her heart.

Here’s What She Said About Working Together On “Take Me Beyond”

elianeWhat a wonderful gift to be able to leave your website into the hands of someone so capable and trustworthy!!

We were nothing but satisfied, and even pleasantly surprised, at what Vera was able to make our website become.

Her loving heart and commitment to God were evident throughout each step and we appreciated her desire for God to be honoured through her work.

Our website is already reaching more people around the world. We’re thrilled!

Eliane Guite & Tori Apedaile
Take Me Beyond Ministries

She Loves Magazine



She Loves Magazine was the first mission that I worked on that would help someone in my church.

I was at one of our weekly Relate Women’s meetings and Pastor Helen mentioned that they were launching this site and they would need help.

I took this project on right after I sold off my entire online business so I could spend time with God.

I was sitting at my computer the night of the first meeting, really not wanting to go, not wanting to open up my heart.

Yet I did it! I jumped in the car and away I went and the site was launched within 48 hours start to finish. Actually I think it was closer to 24 hours. We ran with it! 

I met up with some really awesome women who are now changing the world with their mission. I helped them out for 2 years and very happy to say they are doing extremely well on their own now.

I love to empower others to run with what I can create so I can then move onto the next mission.

Here’s What She Said About Working Together With Me On “She Loves Magazine”

Idelette-4-150x150Vera Raposo is like the bones in our SheLoves magazine body. She brought the technical framework–the very “bones” to our creative idea.

Without her, we might still be just an idea.

Vera listened and said, “Let’s do it!” Then she laughed, because she already had a vision of how far and high we could go.

Now, whenever we reach a goal, she reminds me that this is still just the beginning and sets the barre higher.

I love that.

I have appreciated working with Vera every step of the way. She is savvy and enthusiastic; reliable and resourceful. Vera has the ability to run with a vision.

She is a beautiful and savvy gift to SheLoves and to me.

Idelette McVicker
Founder, Editor, www.shelovesmagazine.com
Twitter: @shelovesmag @idelette

One Epic Journey



Oh what can I say about Bill DeGroot!

One of my oldest and dear friends who I met way back in 1997 when we did a bunch of business stuff together until 2007.

Who knew all these years later we would have a common mission for cancer research and the Ride To Conquer Cancer.

I spent 2 years working with Bill launching his site and handling everything for him.

We went to a ton of fundraisers together and really had a great time focusing on a wonderful charity.

Bill’s Dad and my daughter both won their battle against cancer.  It was definitely One Epic Journey” that ended with me volunteering as sweep crew the second year in.

I know this was only the first our paths have crossed when it comes to different missions.

Here’s What He Had To Say About Working Together With Me On “One Epic Journey”

billHarvey’s Furniture & Appliances Bike Team cannot even begin to express the gratitude that we feel for the incredible website that Vera Raposo designed for our Vancouver To Seattle Ride To Conquer Cancer Events & Fundraising Page.

Her attention to detail, imaginative design and professionalism are more than we could ever ask for.

My dream of riding in honour of my Father and raising a few dollars for a charity in need is now being followed by people all over the world, sponsored by some amazing companies and I have one very special person to thank……..Vera Raposo.

Vera took my dream, my vision, my goal and ran with it. Even though I tell her every single day how much I appreciate everything she has done for me I feel compelled to tell the rest of you who the deserves the credit for what you see at www.oneepicjourney.com

Thank you Vera

Bill DeGroot

Here’s A Shot Of Our Team From The Ride To Conquer Cancer 2013


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