5 Days To Your Best Year Ever

5 Days To Your Best Year Ever

I’m Ready To Make 2017 the Best Year Ever, Are You? 


You can read my original review of Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever program here.

It’s that time of year again and you’re going to be hearing a lot about what I’m up to when it comes to goal setting. Let me just say this, 2016 was EPIC for me personally and in business.

I made some great leaps and pushed hard to keep going. It’s a daily challenge that I have NEVER ever, ever come across in my 20 year + career as an entrepreneur. I have owned several businesses offline and online, retail and online digital business and I’ve been in all sorts of markets.

It kinda boggles my mind.

Yet as I type this I recognize that every single day I have this challenge, to keep going.

That’s why I “delight myself in the Lord” and why I spend most of my days involved with my church or personal growth. I am even running a happiness challenge right now on the blog, I’m doing exactly what’s helping me personally and I hope it helps me too.

Can I be VERY real with you for a minute? 

  • 2016 was also the year my beautiful daughter had her third biopsy, THIRD!!!

From May to September 2016, we had no idea if she was to be diagnosed with cancer a third time. We prayed, we believed and we pushed HARD to stay positive and keep a normal life through the extreme pain, there’s nothing like seeing your child suffer. Nothing that I’ve ever experienced.

The biopsy came back benign and we were back to another “new normal”.  Thank you Jesus!

It’s super duper painful and that’s why I inject as much JOY into my life as possible. You can watch the one and only conversation I’ve ever had with my daughter about her experience.

Painful yet Hopeful. 

But guess what? 

  • 2016 was also the year I finished writing my book “Your Life Counts even though I’m still trying to figure out how to self publish it which is extremely frustrating for me along with major confidence issues.  Yet with these confidence issues I even managed to sell 4 copies of it.
  • 2016 was also the year I started truly journaling my thoughts
  • 2016 was also the year I started salsa dance lessons and got to the intermediate level



I’ve discovered a lot about myself personally too and am truly obsessed with personal growth. So here we are, the end of 2016 and I’m getting down to the work of preparing myself for next year.

Michael Hyatt: The Best Year Ever Program

You can read my original review of Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever program here

I am blessed to be able to have priority access and review a copy of an ebook that Michael has put together to help us with our goal setting for next year. I can’t share it just yet with you but my countdown timer is on the website and I’ll be sharing with you on November 21st, 2016.



I’m reading it now, it’s a true blessing to me and I can’t wait to share with you! 

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PS. I’m planning a pretty cool give away soon,  so watch for those details. 





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