Lumbala Strong: Watch This Space.

Lumbala Strong: Watch This Space.

Lumbala Strong

I’ve been on a quest to get healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically. You truly are witnessing my life unfold into health, wellness, joy, love +++

It makes sense then that I start this now, not next week, not January 1st but now. Rolly Lumbala is a friend of mine from Relate Church and he runs something called “BEAST MODE” (not quite sure what I’m getting into over here lol).

I asked Rolly when I should start… thinking that I’d have to wait for a class schedule or something, he replied with, “tomorrow”.

Yikes! So here I go, 6am tomorrow morning I’m entering another new change in my life.

Cool Beanz.

The one thing I do know is that I’m always looking for a challenge in this life and this is one area of my life that I want to conquer.

See you at 6am Rolly!

It’s time. Watch This Space. 



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