Life Is A Song: Sing It Like Nobody Is Listening

Life Is A Song: Sing It Like Nobody Is Listening

Every one of us is given the gift of life.

Whether or not we live it to the fullest is our choice. We can have the gift of life, but in living it is how we give back. Life is a song, sing it like nobody is listening.

Part of being a carefree individual is singing your song to your own tune and allowing others to do the same.

When you see that you are your own melody and that others belong to their own tune as well, you open up the space for a life that is as beautiful as a personal sonnet.

Unique Beings

If you think about human beings that surround you, for example your immediate family, friends, or coworkers, you probably wonder why they are not like you a little bit more. In fact, it is in this mindset that we get into trouble. Perhaps we have an expectation of others to be as polite, kind, friendly, or even thoughtful as we are.

Once we realize and recognize that each individual is unique, we tend to see that our differences enhance our lives rather than complicate them. Each person is a unique individual in his or her own right.

When we begin to take on this understanding, we begin to embrace our own uniqueness, as well.


When we begin to accept others for who they are and who they are meant to be, we show unconditional love. When we are able to love others unconditionally, we are able to offer ourselves that same gift.

When we accept others, we accept ourselves, mistakes, imperfections, and all. And, in that acceptance, we can let go of expectations.

Don’t Take Things Personal

If you learn that each person is an individual and to not take things personal, you will find a cloud lifting like a heavy weight of burden being released. People are who they are and if we take everything personally, then we don’t free up the space for open communication.

Life is a song, sing like no one is listening and allow others to do the same. When you put these simple rules into practice, you will see how much freedom you now have and you now offer others.



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