Can I Please Share My Guts With You?

Can I Please Share My Guts With You?

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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway

Today is the first time I have listened to my Pastor Helen Burns speak to Sarah Bessey about why she felt called to write the book, “Jesus Feminist.”

I am listening now, carefully.

Instead of listening to fear and doubt I am finding pure faith and security in what I feel God is calling me to do.

I have started to be quiet and listen.

I kind of feel like I’m playing catch up, catch up to what God is doing in the lives of the women around me.  Sarah is a beautiful soul that I have watched embrace community in a way that shines and says, “won’t you join us?”

I want to discover more every single day how to get better at opening up to other beautiful women around me and be an example for the women in my life.

The truth about this interview that I watched today is that I wasn’t there that day. It was a Wednesday morning at my church where Helen interviewed Sarah.  It was November 6th, 2013 and I chose not to be there, that was my choice.

We all have a choice to do the uncomfortable, either we do it and grow or don’t and stay small.

I wasn’t in regular attendance at all at Relate Women and when you get deep down to the core of it, was a bit unsure of opening up my life and my heart to others.

It wasn’t long after that interview that I started attending regularly each week and by September 2014 I was asked to lead my own table.

Now every week I meet up with the most beautiful women who have become my closest friends in this life and I have tears well up every week because of all the wonderful moments I experience and cherish together with them all.

Look what God has done, I am so thankful!

So today I didn’t know what the day would hold. I woke up, took my son to work since his Jeep was stolen the other night and when I got settled I opened up the Relate Women App.

As I was scrolling there was Sarah Bessey’s interview sitting there.

I knew it was time to listen to other women who God was bringing into my world.  I’ve been taking “baby steps” for so long now that I can feel such a rising up of courage inside of me that I can’t contain. God is telling me, “take BIG steps now Vera, you can do it, I need you to.”

But the rawness of my life is that I feel like I stand alone. There are battles I’m fighting right now that feel SO big that how can I take BIG steps for God?

It all comes down to this for me…. Never underestimate a woman with a broken heart who is on a mission for God.  I may feel broken but I know God is in the process of restoring my soul.

This is part of that, this video, right here, is another step to restoration.

helen and sarah

Looking at the screen I opened up my hand, pointed my finger and pressed play.  What happened next is I was completely engrossed in the conversation. It felt like I was there.

Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey Author of “Jesus Feminist.”

As I was listening along, taking notes, Helen said, “we are sitting at Sara’s feet to learn more about Jesus Christ” made me feel like Jesus was sitting right beside them proud of the exchange.

Sarah talks fast so it is something I will go back and take another listen to it.

Listening to Sarah I believe has given me a comforted moment within my heart, if that makes any sense at all.

It’s a pure knowing that God is leading my every step, He has taken me by the hand gently and said, “Come walk with me Vera, let me love you.”

“Our lives can be a prophetic taste of what God intended.” – Sarah Bessey

My days since my daughter’s journey of fighting hard for her life I have been completely obsessed with making sure my own life counts and that I am a cherished example to my children and those around me.

Even Helen said so perfectly what I’ve been feeling, she said, “I am not content to stay where I am. I want to keep rising to where God is calling me.”

I personally not only feel a crazy stirring right now but I feel extremely comforted in these days of my life. True moments of peace during some of the toughest days of my life.

Another part of my life right now is I am doing all I can do to embrace and BE the woman that God created me to be.

The true feminine beauty that He has breathed life into and I want to see other women walk boldly into that beauty inside their heart.

Sarah used many words to describe who God says we are. We are warriors, beloved, daughters set apart, chosen, restored, loved and we are set free!

I feel like I arrived late to the party that happened over a year ago but my word for this year is BRAVE and I intend on stepping into more brave moments this year.

You see, the biggest bravest thing I’m doing right now is writing a book. Not because I have always wanted to be a writer, not because I feel like I have something to say, not because I feel qualified, not because I feel like I can do it.

I am writing my guts out because I believe Jesus wants me to write a new love story for women who don’t feel loved, cherished & beautiful. Women who don’t feel they have the strength to get through another day, women who feel like their time has passed and women who feel like they have been forgotten.

If you are reading this and feel that way, I want you to know you are cherished so greatly by Jesus. He is taking you by the hand and saying, “Come walk with me, let me love you and show you all I can do for you if you just trust me to start down this path.”

I will leave you Helen’s final thoughts… “Take a moment, seize it, breath life into it and watch what God will do with it.”

As I continue to pour the word of God over my life, I feel a little more loved and comforted to continue my path, I hope you do too.

Vera Raposo Spring




PS. If you feel moved by this post, please go over and listen to Sarah talk about Jesus, you will be blessed by it.



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