It’s In You

It’s In You

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Can you see me?
I’m right here, just waiting.
I’m watching you, Focused, ready, hopeful.
Anticipating the moment;
The moment when you reach out and grab a hold of me.
You need me
And I need you.

You are the force that determines my future.
The daily habits you build will chart my course.
I need you to dream,
To perceive a Vision for my future.
Not with your eyes
But with your heart.

You are responsible for my future.
You create it first in your heart and mind
And then in your reality.
I need you to create it for me.
To create it for us!
Don’t give that power away by doing nothing;
Letting others decide it for us.
Do it now!
Make the difficult choices now.
Develop the right habits now.

So what if things don’t go exactly right.
So what if you make a mess.
So what if you experience pain.
Embrace it!
Embrace it for me!
Showing up is half the battle,
You’re ahead of most simply because you are making the effort.

Never forget:
Without a mess, you’d have no message.
Without pain, you’d have no power.
Endure the hard circumstances of life as discipline,
An opportunity to grow.
No discipline seems pleasant at the time;
It’s painful!
But understand, Life is treating you as a son.
Life is treating you as a daughter.
What child is not disciplined by their mother or father?
It comes from love.
So let love do its work.

Discover the right things and keep doing them.
Over and over.
Don’t stop!
I am depending on you…


In me, you possess endless courage,
Fierce boldness,
Limitless power,
World-changing expectations.

See me for yourself.


“People are the only thing with any eternal value, so I’m in the people business. Period.” –Adam Gauer



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