Your Life Counts Intro

Your Life Counts Intro

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I have been the recipient of an unimaginable love.

I know what it is like to feel that God considers me precious in His sight. He held back nothing, even His own child, to gain access to my heart again.

When my concern for the life of my own child nearly broke me in two, God tenderly caught my tears in His hands and healed me everywhere I hurt.

He didn’t ask for my child, but protected her life – for me. In return for such an unfathomable and timeless love, He only asks that I share the precious gifts He has bestowed upon me as a testament of who He is. His, is also my love story.


My daughter’s name is Victoria, we call her Tori. And, when she was fifteen, she was diagnosed with cancer. It’s one of the things that no parent wants to hear – her child is in danger. It’s as if you have been punched so hard that all the breath leaves your body. In an instant, my world swung 180 degrees from its original direction. Saying that I was lost doesn’t begin to describe my situation.


Tori was in a fight for her life and that meant that I was in a fight for mine too, because she was my life. We battled through lots of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, isolation and a second bout with cancer. But she and I have survived.


I didn’t know how truly precious life could be until my daughter Tori’s life was threatened. I didn’t know how much God cared until I called on Him to help our family to endure this trial. I didn’t know how to truly trust Him until I had nowhere else to turn.

My favorite passage in the Bible is Psalm 91. Please read it. To paraphrase, it talks about how blessed are they who have God as their shelter. They can rest under His protection, in His care. That is where I learned to exist.

God created me for a purpose. Through this trial with my daughter, I have discovered that God won’t rest until He discovers your heart and takes up residence there. Through my pain, He gave me a heart for others. Her pain brought me to the point of desperation – the end of myself. It was there that I met God and took His hand. With every tear, procedure, disappointing news and treatment, He let me know that my trust was well placed in Him.

With all that is going on in the lives of people every day, He took the time to listen and help me. I am worth His time. I am precious to Him. So now, I do all that I can to serve others and my church with the pain I have been through. I strive to be as healthy as possible so I can live out my purpose for Him.


You can’t tell what someone else is hiding behind their eyes – the pain, the despair, the hopelessness or the longing for a savior. I have learned that God sees it however. He saw my pain and came to carry me over those troubled waters in His strong arms. I realized that God sees me as just as precious as I see Tori, but like a thousand times more. He awakened that part of me that longs to connect with His Spirit. He healed me while He was saving Tori’s life.

This is love.

It is His love that is given freely to me and to you. I have embraced it as His child and endeavor to share it with everyone I meet.



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