Skype Chat Interview: Kristen Eckstein On Publishing Your First Book

kristenWelcome To Kristen Eckstein Who Is Going To Help Us With Self Publishing On Our FIRST ever Skype Chat Text Interview

I invited Kristen to join me on a podcast and since I’m having phone troubles it wasn’t looking too good.  Thanks to my kitten, my phone is officially busted.

It was just one thing after another — so we got creative and decided to do the interview over a Skype chat.

It turned out to be a ton of FUN and a new creative way to share content with you, I hope it inspires you to think of new ways to connect with your own readers on your blog.

So here we go, here is part of Kristen’s Bio

Hi there! I’m a book-loving, chocolate-eating, stuffed animal-hugging, people-craving gal who cannot imagine a life without books. I started writing when I was five years old, read my first “adult” level novel when I was nine and I’ve written and published thirteen books.

In 2003 I served as the Marketing Director for a vanity publishing company that featured a traditional publishing arm. I learned the ins and outs of vanity, subsidy and traditional publishing – what to look for, what to avoid and most importantly, how to make sure authors don’t get ripped off. I also published two of my own books in less than a year.

Skype Interview With Kristen Eckstein On How To Self Publish Your First Book




























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