Robert E. Wood – My Cousin Who Is An Entrepreneur With A Family Legacy


This is a very inspiring interview that I did with my cousin Robert Wood. What’s so incredibly neat about Robert is that I didn’t even know about him until I “googled” his father one day. Sadly our families have been disconnected since I was probably a toddler or younger.

I remember my Mom telling me growing up that her cousin was a painter and his art was all around British Columbia and even across Canada. I always knew this but I didn’t know he had a son until I looked Carl Wood up on the internet one day.

I decided to look him up because my own daughter Tori is an exceptional artist, painter, singer, she really can do it all. What’s interesting is that I’ve always had the desire to paint from a young age but never did.  I knew there was a lot of creativity in our family so I wanted to find more connection to that. I looked up Carl Wood and there he was, Robert, I found a family member and he was a professional artist just like his father. I went on to read that his grandfather was also a painter and I knew once I found Robert that I needed to get in touch with him right away.

We’ve connected in such a beautiful way, we are family and he’s now a wonderful encourager to me personally and can’t wait to meet him one day soon for the first time. We come from a history of entrepreneurs in our family, one day I’ll share here but for now, please enjoy this very inspiring chat I had with Robert. Read the interview here.

Stu McLaren – Consistent Income Online With Membership Sites

Stu McLarenStu McLaren Is Changing Lives

I think it was back in about 2008 when I met Stu McLaren at a local seminar here in Vancouver. There are certain people who you just know absolutely LOVE what they do and Stu is one of them.

Stu has done some amazing things not only for his family but to touch the lives of many on this planet. Please read on to see how this will help you with your online business but also inspire you to reach out to others.

I’m very blessed to have a friendship with Stu and he’s a fellow Canadian! Read more here.

Sandra Dee Robinson – Get Video On Your Website & Make An Impact

sandra deeI would like to introduce you to Sandra Dee Robinson, she is here to help you (and me) get over our fear and get video up on our websites.

It’s important.

People need connection with you, your cause and everything that you are doing. It doesn’t matter what type of website, blog or e-commerce site you have, you *need* video (I’m preaching to the choir here).

When it comes down to it, it’s not about YOU anyhow, it’s about those who are waiting & needing to hear your message. Read more here.

Nicole Cavanaugh – Designing Chemotherapy Rooms

nicoleI met the beautiful Nicole Cavanaugh within a business mastermind group out in New York, we instantly connected as friends and is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.

Nicole decided to gear her business towards what she felt completely called to do … design chemotherapy rooms. Of course, that means the world to me!

Read more here.

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