Lisa Nelson: How She Followed Her Passion in Graphic Recording

Lisa Nelson: How She Followed Her Passion in Graphic Recording

lisanelsonI met Lisa online and literally found her on a Google Alert that I had set up a year prior. I just love the power of the internet and how things all work. She’s living her life doing a business that she loves, I’m honoured to share her with you today.

You have such a creative biz and that’s why I was so interested in what you do. How did you start?

I started my full-service graphic recording business in January 2012, when I launched I learned about this exciting and creative field by accident while watching a Youtube video.

I say it was by accident because the video was not about graphic recording.

I was just leisurely watching videos one day about natural hair care. To my surprise, the woman in the video started to “draw what she was saying” with vibrant colors and highlighting all the key points of her talk. I could not stop watching. I was hooked and I’ve been doing graphic recording ever since.

Did you have family support when you made the decision to start it?

Absolutely! My sister Beverly encouraged me to take the first step and invest in training when I decided to pursue graphic recording as a business. If it wasn’t for her advice, I don’t think I would be as far in my journey as I am now.

What is the one thing that has surprised you about it?

I was really surprised by how much work is involved mentally and physically. At first glance you may think “Oh, that’s a nice picture she is drawing.”

If you step back and take in the whole scene, you will see the work of a visual storyteller. I am listening to the speaker and tuning into the group or audience to hear their response.

I am sorting and categorizing the information. I am visualizing the key points that I hear. Then, my marker hits the paper and I am drawing the big picture real time. Intense work, but I love it.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy watching people have “a-ha” moments when they look at my visual summary and they “see what is being said.” It’s great hearing people who did not attend the event say, “when I saw your graphic recording I felt like I was there.”

What do you think the top 3 things are that have contributed to your success?

1. Faith, Family and Friends. My faith reminds me that “with God all things are possible.” My family and friends are my cheering section in this game. I send an email to family and friends on all my major accomplishments. I save their “Go Lisa!” replies in a special folder because their encouragement means so much to me.
2. Hiring a coach. Taking advice from my business coach Tiffany Lymon has been critical in helping me grow my business. You need someone to bounce around ideas with you. You also need someone to hold you accountable to those bright ideas!
3. Connecting through Social Media. I continue to be amazed at the wonderful connections I’ve made with colleagues, associates and clients using social media.

What was your turning point that made you say, “Yep, I can do this.”

I attended a local event for Women’s History Month soon after starting my business. During the event, I created sketchnotes  (small scale graphic recording) while the speaker was on stage. After the speech was over, I had so many people looking over my shoulder admiring the pictures, the colors, and the key points that I captured. They couldn’t believe it. At that moment I knew, I was on to something.

What is ONE piece of advice you would give to someone about their biz?

Capture all your ideas and thoughts. Keeping it in your head doesn’t count! My absolute favorite tool for this is Evernote. I use it store everything from business cards and receipts to marketing ideas.

I can grab the information I need anytime, anywhere, and it’s reliable. Find the tool that works best for you. Don’t let a great idea slip past you because you forgot it.

Capture it.

It could be the one idea that can turn your business around.

Lisa Nelson – See In Colors

lisanelsonLisa Nelson loves combining art with business.

She is a visual thinker, graphic recorder, and sketchnote artist. Lisa is the founder of  See In Colors where she captures conversations with hand-drawn pictures.

Her visual summaries cover topics ranging from business and leadership to community and faith. Her work has been featured on Entrepreneur with over 3500 social media shares.

She is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Howard University, where she earned her BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). She received her Graphic Recording and Facilitation training from The Grove Consultants International (pioneers in graphical and visual thinking work).

Her favorite quote: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Henry David Thoreau. Lisa shares her collection of visual summaries on her blog at  and Twitter: @seeincolors



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