Out With The Internet Marketing Crowd

Out With The Internet Marketing Crowd

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Yaro’s In Town! Did I Tell You?

Yes, he is and it’s all been so much fun connecting with him and hanging out, talking life, travel, hopes, future and business.

Meet Up with Yaro Starak


For fun here’s an old picture of us…


So here we go on this journey, it’s all about me getting out of the house and connecting with my blogging friends.  Yay!

[s3vpp id=6ee2539ba9f6d6fa46ac3a9a8266e62d]

These lovely people are my friends, I love them all and I’m thankful that we are able to connect in person when so much of our lives are spent behind a computer screen. Here I am with Alice Seba, Tawnya Sutherland and Yaro Starak.

They get me, they get online business and we have ooodles of fun. I look forward to the next lunch we all have together.  We explored White Rock together, looked through the museum and Yaro tuned into my accent and when I speak I often say, “you know.”

Who knew I had a true Canadian accent.

Oh my the giggles that happened when I said it. Fun times!

I’m looking forward to hearing Yaro speak at Matt Astifan’s “Internet Masterminds” Event on sales funnels for your blog before he heads off to San Diego. I’ve known him since around 2008 online but it’s always great to build friendships face to face.

Meet Up

If you look there I am on the right of the screen beside the empty chair. I was sitting beside Ben Weir who just got his You Tube channel up to 200K subscribers all about men’s hair (lol!)… Ben was absent for that photo. Beside him sat Yaro Starak and Ben’s friend Bee Minus. I also met Valentina Bellacova and look forward to learning more about her video production company.

It was a great night to connect, I walked in only knowing Yaro and walked out knowing a few more lovely people who are working within this blogging world industry.

So I’m heading out shortly here to listen to Yaro’s talk on sales funnels, it shall be another great night!

Vera Raposo Spring


PS. Isn’t life the best when you have great friends you can laugh with? You should check out Yaro’s Blogging Blueprint, it will teach you a ton on blogging and creating an income around it to support your life. Like I said to Yaro on the drive home, isn’t it a great time in history to be able to do this?






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