These Women Are A Breath of Fresh Air

These Women Are A Breath of Fresh Air

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These are my online biz buddies, Ms. Alice Seba & Ms. Tawnya Sutherland and they are amazing, funny people and yes we are 3 internet nerds. 

Buddies since 2004 and now closer friends in support of one another.

This picture was probably our 20th selfie that was taken because we couldn’t agree on a photo. Actually that was mostly me, Alice & Tawnya really didn’t care which picture we used.

This lunch was very different for me this time, I have been in a major life change for some time now.

major, mega, yep BIG.

I don’t know if most people in my life truly know what I gave up when I sold my online business off but when I look into the eyes of these ladies, they know.

They get me, not a lot of people get me and what I do.

It was a serious breathe of fresh air, I really needed this lunch and time with them.

There was a ton of laughter, joy, shop talk, and even some tears.  We are even getting better at connecting with one another, I think we managed to have 2 lunch dates in the last year, that’s progress for us introverted types.

I love the fact that these ladies know the online biz world and we can all share something with one another that is of value.

It made me think back to the first lunch date I had with Alice, I knew we should be friends.

Here’s to many more lunches ladies, you are a piece of my heart. With that, I’m off to see the sunrise here in Vancouver, BC.


PS. Ms. Lynn Terry said she’s going to hop a plane soon to come see us ladies, I can’t wait. She’s a smart lady (super affiliate) and I am MEGA enjoying her social media course.



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