How To Re-Focus When You Get Off Track

How To Re-Focus When You Get Off Track

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I’ve been off track lately …

After having a business online for 10 years this year (17 if you count my eBay years when I had my stores) I can’t tell you how darn important it is to truly have passion for what you do.

When I was younger I could have passion for almost anything especially if it was making money.

But life is so different for me now, I see things from a completely new perspective.

First off I see my life as not my own, it’s God’s and I will walk into and do what he is calling me to do.  I did a brilliant case study with my lovely friend Lynn Terry.

She is a rock star online biz super affiliate super woman.

She’s a no-nonsense, zero “flash’ — get ‘er done kinda lady and she is my friend for the last 10 years online. We’ve only met once but that’s going to change, we shall see each other again soon!

All of us are waiting for her

You will continue to spin your wheels when you are on the wrong track in life. I got very tired of working for the buck and because of my daughters battle, I kinda don’t accept anything but the best for my life.

We all deserve God’s best! 

God’s best isn’t for me to be pushing effort into things that don’t …

#1 – Glorify him

#2 – Use my talents and gifts

#3 – Taking the steps I need to take (ie: get out of my own skin)

#4 – Be someone of value to others and serve till my heart explodes

Here’s what happened.

I started falling into a trap, the easy way out … the way I used to do things.

Within our case study we discovered that I needed to be a Faith Adventurist. I was crazy adventurous as a younger person …. it’s why I think I did so well in sales and in business.

I had no fear.

But I also joined almost every sport all through school, jumped the highest on the trampoline as a child and always took the zip line at camp where we had to actually climb up a ladder and then up the tree to get to the platform and then to zip zip away.

I love a good challenge too.

When Lynn discovered within the case study that I was a Faith Adventurist, I knew right to the core of me that it was a major fit.

I’d like to share my theme for Faith Adventurist …

Hi there! My name is Vera Raposo and I’d love for you to follow along on my FUN quest to expand our Faith together through life’s daily adventures!

It’s all about expanding our FAITH together in life’s daily ADVENTURES.

But I went off the rails a bit.

Within my own personal life I wanted to start cooking family meals more, I have been thinking a lot about starting a journal, I am very involved in my church, I wanted to garden more and the list goes on.

So away I went asking people who inspire me to start writing for my site on all of these topics and that would be ok if it was a blog that shared those kinds of ideas.

But it’s not.

It’s all about expanding our FAITH together in life’s daily ADVENTURES.

You know why I got off track?

Because my brain is set into “default mode” and I went back to what was comfortable. This Faith Adventurist site is anything but comfortable for me.

I sadly let all of the new writers know that I was going in the wrong direction, I hope it inspires them to also change direction if they need to.

Wanna know a secret? It actually excites me to think about doing this …


It also lifts my spirits to relax and enjoy the ocean at 4am when no one else is around. One day I will sit on the top of a mountain while the sun rises, why not?!

The site is truly my happy place to just be ME and also share the work that God is asking me to do.

So tell me, are you off track too?

If you are, know this one thing. It only takes one little baby second to get back on track.

Just change direction.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this <3




PS. I hope you let Lynn direct you too, she really knows what she’s talking about and I know well enough over all the years I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing business that I now only want to put my hand to what is for God with someone who will get me there …  even if it means I had to start all over which is not easy at all.

PPS. It’s also been so hard for me because Faith Adventurist is from my heart, if you look at the site, it’s all me, complete, whole, who I am. This journey flows out of me but also challenges me in a huge way because life got in the way and I’m using my new muscles to push everything out of my way.



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