God Is Building Right Along Beside Me

God Is Building Right Along Beside Me

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There I was sitting tonight in my Faith Works class typing away in my Evernote file all moments, ah-ha’s and challenges that God was leading me to.

This is so clear in my mind right now that I need to share before it slips away. This is another real moment for me here.

You need to know something about me. 

My entire life has been a challenge, a kinda big one. So much that I easily zoned myself into work and made financial success the true meter of my happiness and goals in this life.

And I was really good at it.

But this new journey, well it hasn’t been easy.  It has flipped my brain around a bit because technically I shouldn’t be this challenged.

That’s what happens when God grabs your heart.

I said before in another post that God really wasn’t even in my thoughts back then and I realized that other night …. I was still relying on my own ability.

My ability, not God’s.

So there I was sitting in class again tonight, I have heard this lesson before.  Tonight it had a whole new meaning.

What I am building is instructed by God, I am to build my little heart out knowing this one thing ...


Now as a Christian you may read that and say “well of course Vera, God’s always with you.”

But you have to remember, I was a single Mom at age 17, an entrepreneur by age 20 mostly because I had no other choice, or so I thought.

I worked my butt off and my entire 20’s is a complete blur.

I remember coming home one night to the house quiet, kids sleeping in bed and a note that was on the floor that was written out by my youngest daughter … “Mommy when are you ever coming home?”

“Mommy when are you ever coming home?”

Her little fingers picked up a pen and wrote that out, that hurt so deep that I started to feel like I was dying inside.

My life was about working, day in day out. I would be at the store by 8am and be home around 10pm most days.

Day in and day out, sad thing is for most of those days I did love it.

I did it all without God, now because I am not relying on my own strength any longer I find it really hard to wrap my brain around the fact that it’s so hard this time around.

But I know this …. God is with me and I need to simply listen to Him.

He knows my heart and as I type my little angel will never have to feel that way ever again.  I am building a business for Him & with Him.



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