Sandra Dee Robinson: Get Video Up On Your Website And Make An Impact In The World

Sandra Dee Robinson: Get Video Up On Your Website And Make An Impact In The World


I would like to introduce you to Sandra Dee Robinson, she is here to help you (and me) get over our fear and get video up on our websites.

It’s important.

People need connection with you, your cause and everything that you are doing. It doesn’t matter what type of website, blog or e-commerce site you have, you *need* video (I’m preaching to the choir here).

When it comes down to it, it’s not about YOU anyhow, it’s about those who are waiting & needing to hear your message.

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How Does Someone Get Over The Fear Of Getting Started?

Ranging from absolute paralyzing terror of the lens to negative self-talk and overall-fish out of water feeling, fear can cost you!

Here are five easy rules to get over it!

#1 – No Winging It!

Just like starting a new sport, prepare as best you can before you start shooting.

Is your next project a video for your business, or Facebook fan page?

Are you looking to be a guest expert on TV and other media?

Think big! 

Maybe your own show?

Now get clear on what you want to accomplish and understand what your visual brand needs to say about you!  Hey, hiring a coach for this is a great thing to consider.

Bottom line:  A racehorse that stumbles out of the gate rarely wins…why not make sure your first steps are the right ones?

#2 Clear Your Focus

No matter where you are, or what you might be unhappy with, move your focus to what you want instead.

Don’t worry about the website that needs to be perfect (it will never be) or the 5 pounds you want to lose (we’ll never notice) or for your book to be published: build the momentum now and just say “yes” to starting onto the next level of your media goals.

Now is not the time to waste.

Bottom line: If you have an online presence, and you want to keep your business you need video now.  Period.

#3 – Register Your Value

Whether you are in front of  TV, radio or a live audience, magazine readers, or your personal clients, believe unwaveringly in your ability to bring value to others.

If you have trouble with the word “ unwaveringly” in that last sentence, then get yourself a coach and /or some cheerleaders, because you do have incredible value, and the world will be better if you share your knowledge and talent!

Bottom line: By keeping attention outward, (on what you can deliver)  it is impossible to focus on negative thoughts about yourself.

#4 –  Recognize What Negative Self-Talk is Holding You Back

If you hear yourself saying things like “but” or using  “should”, “always”, “not” or “never”, your self-criticism is probably at work.

Stop it before it stops you! 

Allow some quiet time to listen to your verbiage that you use with yourself; how do you describe your talent, confidence, intelligence and body?  Replace all negative phrases and disclaimers with positive terms and powerful statements. It may seem awkward at first, that why step five is:

#5 – Go Back To Step One And Repeat the Series As Often As Necessary!

Why Is Video So Important For Your Business, Cause, Mission or Ministry?

Nothing builds trust and recognition faster than visual media and video (except maybe speaking in person.. but no matter how big the room can be, speaking will only get you in front of a fragment of the number you can reach with video.)

We are getting extremely used to clicking on a thumbnail for a video when we want information.  You Tube is not just entertainment, it is a resource.

If you are not on board.  You will lose your business.

What Do You Think Are The Best Videos To Start With?

Definitely your website Home page, About me page and the Facebook Fan Page or Linked in company page (whoever your market is).  Your first points of contact with your target market.. make them memorable and build rapport as quickly as possible!

What Are We Missing Out On If We Ignore Video?

Video on a website converts up to 300 % more.

Any questions?

There are secrets to a successful video.. that’s in my foundational training. Free on my website (

How Do You Marry Your Email Marketing With Video?

This is a loaded question, but in short, I believe in video campaigns, not on-offs.

So if you have a new book, product or event, lead up to it with 3- 5 videos with similar content.  You are essentially dripping a bit of the new information to the audience and wetting their appetite for more.

What Equipment Is Easy To Start With?

You can start with a smart phone!

The key is to know how to frame, light and be aware of sound issues.  Background distractions are also a beginner’s mistake and can undermine your message.

If you want to invest, a simple soft box lighting kit, and a lavalier microphone (a body mic) is really the most important.

IF you have very high end clientele:  I recommend spending a little and having a professional high quality video shot and edited.

High net worth people won’t recognize how much you may spend, but they will immediately see a poor quality representation and be turned off.  My free foundational video training at has more on how to shoot like a pro  or hire one!

How Do You Re-purpose Your Videos?

The idea behind videos is to create content that can be re-purposed.. no need to keep reinventing.

Transcribe the video and use it as an article, post to sites that do not take video, or post to another blog or even create an e-book!

Another repurpose:  do interviews with experts in your field online (even a google hangout) post these on your youtube channel, blast to your social networks all to pull the audience back to your hub (usually, your website)

Once you have a few, you may do a consolidation video with all the best of the best and sell it as a product ( some editing will be required, but you are selling this product, so if you launch it correctly (with a video campaign) you’ll make the $ back and then some!

About Sandra Dee Robinson

sandraSandra Dee Robinson has spent nearly all of her life in front of a camera:  as an actor (including Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, Secret Life of an American Teenager and TV movies) and as a TV host and product spokesperson.

You might think then, talking directly into camera or speaking on a stage would seem like a natural thing for her to do.  Far from it!  “I was extremely shy but comfortable behind a character (acting). When people began to ask me to support a charity on stage, or sell a product, even be interviewed and they said, ‘Just be yourself!’  I was so lost.”

Sandra remembers shaking uncontrollably, forgetting her words, and nearly passing out from fear before having to speak! She spent years and thousands of dollars in classes and with coaches all the while continually pushing through the pain and sometimes humiliation of these presentations.

As it usually happens with persistence, there came a day of a breakthrough; exhaustion and a funny circumstance onstage of an infomercial shoot had Sandra unexpectedly enjoying being “herself” on a stage. She was relaxed, having fun, and getting her message across in her own unique way. Suddenly, moments of her training experiences came back to her and it all finally started to make sense!

This influential medium of TV could not only make her money, but she could actually enjoy the experience of speaking in front of a camera!  Her bookings increased.  Her willingness to accept  offers to help charities by hosting from a stage increased. There was an empowerment that had finally happened; a new freedom to be, and appreciation of how we each have the ability to influence the world in a positive way.

sandra-31What Sandra teaches at Charisma on Camera is a super-condensed and individualized combination of her training and experience that can help anyone feel better, look better and perform better without all of the years of frustration and pain, and outrageous spending that she did!

“The way I teach can be intense, but I think it’s the most effective process out there.  I wish someone had taught me this way!”

Sandra has been coaching entertainment reporters and television hosts, and she founded Charisma on Camera to expand her clientele to professionals in any field. Her current clients include authors, life coaches, experts in their fields that want to find their star qualities, confidence, and comfort level to establish themselves as an expert guest, successful speaker or host their own show.

Sandra loves finding the hidden star qualities in each individual that can magnetize (Charisma!), and watching her clients’ lives change as they polish their personal brand for success.




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