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You Have An Established Biz With Tons To Manage

You have many things on your plate from staff to product sourcing and you just don’t have the time to handle all your website growth and marketing.

Who You Are

You have a vision for your company but the staff you have hired have no clue on how to market  your business on the internet. Being the smart business owner that you are, you know deep down in your gut that you need someone to take things over right away.

What Your Issues Are

You are at a complete loss on how to move your website to the next level so that it attracts customers for you.  You know that letting a professional take over is your only move because your staff are too busy to update the website never mind handle social media, videos, product launches and all the marketing that you need done.

What You Need Most Right Now

You need a team to handle everything for you in one place. You don’t have time to look for individual talents to build and grow your business online. You may need a complete website design overhaul and you need an expert who can make this happen for you.

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    Hi! I’m Vera Raposo and I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a child. I have owned several businesses and currently love having my business online since 2004. I love helping entrepreneurs connect the dots with their passion.

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