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veraraposobuttonNow It’s Your Turn To Be One Of The Very Few To Have Me Personally Help You Each Month & Have Access To My Team To Get It All Done  

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What do you think having a business looks like? You probably thought you’d make your own hours, be your own boss, leave your day job, spend more time with the people you love. Right?

But what really happened was it looked very different didn’t it? It meant spending countless hours working inside your business and never having time for yourself or all the people you wanted to spend time with.

It’s painful.

I know because I was there. I remember standing inside one of my retail stores with a stacked order that came in.  At my feet I looked down and there were bunches of boxes that were empty all around my feet. In that very moment I knew one thing for sure, this was not what I signed up for. I was never home, completely stressed out and up to my eyeballs in pricing products.

I sold off my retail stores and opened up shop online, yay! my internet business was going to take me into my future.

But I struggled.

I only knew how to put together a web page and some links.

I did that for 3 years before I actually hired someone to do the work for me.  But the problem with hiring one person is they only have certain skills and there is crazy amounts of things that need to be done for an online business.  

Then My Online Business & Life Completely Changed

I discovered that outsourcing my work to a team of others would cause me some serious exponential growth and very fast too!

My business started to grow, I was spending very little time each day “working” and more time to be able to sit with my daughter at the hospital while she was having her treatments. The best part for me is that I could be there with her and while I was caring for my daughter my business income skyrocketed.

But then something else happened …

I sold everything off to start over, fresh, new and to do something big for God. Strangely I started in the same place, feeling a little ‘out of sorts’ and wanting to know that whatever direction I took in this life was one that I was pursuing to help others in this life.

And I remembered back to when my business took off like lightning.

It all took place when I outsourced my business completely and now I’m doing it again but this time, I’d like to take you along inside my rocket and blast off together.

The problem with most online business owners is that they think they can’t afford it, or it’s not worth the time & effort, or they just don’t know how to do it.

That’s why I’ve decided to help you now.

Now you can do this worry free because I’m here to guide you along.

                                  The Monthly Plan + My Personal Help + My Amazing Team

You need help with your business but just don’t have time or desire to learn everything that you need to do or pray that your virtual assistant knows how to do it right.

I know how hard it is but I now have an amazing core group of people that I work with on a daily basis who know me personally too and what I need done.

I want to help you each month grow your business…

One of my past clients Carolyn Arends looked at me and said, “Vera, you’re a business builder.” yes, I am!

It’s a gift that I will no longer keep to myself.

When you join as one of my ‘Get It Done Monthly” clients you will gain my unique experience on growing a business from nothing to something pretty spectacular.

                                                      Please Note: This Is Extremely Limited


It’s limited because I am working on my own life goals personally, spiritually and the one thing that is most important to me is working on my calling in this life.

Plus, my personal team is MY personal team. We love and respect each other greatly and I will never sacrifice my personal relationship with them for the sake of having lots of clients.

Only a handful of people will be able to work with us, just as my personal clients, it’s very special.

If you’ve had a hard time hiring someone out then check out why you will want to work personally with me.

– you won’t have to know what to get us to do, we already know
– you don’t have to train us, we’ve been doing this for many years
– you have a set monthly budget, you know exactly how much to set aside each month
– personal communication each month with me

This is all included in “Get It Done Monthly” Program

                        Get It Done Monthly Online Business Outsourcing Program

Once you join the program you’ll get the following:

One Monthly Call with me to strategize your income streams & get them all ready to implement, we take all the guess work out. I tell you what you need to do, then my team gets it all done each month. You my friend get to dream up bigger ideas and bring them to the table each month so I can tell you if it’s worthwhile to start or not.

Your Monthly Plan: I take everything we discuss, put it into a plan and submit it all to my team for you. You are completely hands free and I make sure we get exactly everything we want done each month.

Growth & Progress: Each month I will evaluate the plans we have laid out and I can adjust it accordingly. I want you to grow your business quickly so you can keep moving forward with your ideas and impacting people’s lives.

Monthly Services: Each month we will sort your plans out into key categories and I will delegate it all out as I see fit.

Virtual Assistance – everything you need put into action by our main virtual assistant. She will work on many different tasks like inserting your blog posts to your site, emails, content distribution & more.

Website Design – Whether we are launching a new blog for you or doing regular work to grow your site, we will apply what needs to be done.

Graphics – Each month we will go through and pick out what graphics need to be created from website design, pictures with quotes, infographics or even for your affiliate program. There’s lots to do!

Content – You will receive 5 pieces of content written by my personal ghostwriter, this will give you the boost you need to have more content and not have to write it all yourself. We can decide each month if you want blog posts, twitter or facebook status updates, sales copy, etc.

Technical Work – I have a technical virtual assistant that handles everything that I personally can’t. You won’t have to worry about updates, plugins, scripts or anything like that. Huge relief!

Passive Income: The fun part! Each month we will plan out your passive income strategy and implement it. It means increased income for you so you can do more for your own family and even charities you want to support.

Plus, at the end of each month,  I will show you the cost of everything that we do so you know that the amount you spend is utilized well. On top of that if you need more services or just want to get started on more tasks before the month is up, we can adjust that for you as well.

This is truly everything you need right now to grow your business and nothing you don’t need.

                             The Monthly Plan + My Personal Help + My Amazing Team

Bonus: I can record your monthly call so you can listen to it later to help you see the picture clearly. Plus, it will inspire you to have new ideas!

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