Promoting Your Opt-In Offer

In order for people to sign up for your list, they have to know about your opt-in offer. They have to know that you’re giving away something wonderful. Sure, your blog or website will have your normal traffic and you can and should leverage that organic traffic into email sign ups. However, it’s also strongly recommended that you promote your opt-in. Here are a few ideas on how you might grab attention for your opt in and grow your list.

Social Media

Promote your offer on social media. There are a variety of ways that you can blog about this. You can share promotional messages about your offer on your social media page. Include a link and an image and you’ll grab more attention for your post. You can even boost that post on sites like Twitter and Facebook to get more attention. Boosting a post essentially requires you to pay a bit to reach your audience. You can choose the demographics and requirements and pay to reach the right people.

You can also add graphics and a sign up form right on your Facebook page to build your list. The screenshot below is a perfect example of how you can do this. It’s Jack Canfield’s Facebook page and the entire goal of the page is to get sign ups.


Jack is using his Facebook followers to build his email list. You can use the same or similar tactics to grow your own list. Visual sites like Pinterest can also be used to promote your opt-in.

Pin the image of your opt-in offer. Use the description space in your Pin to add information and a call to action. Include a link to a unique URL where followers can visit, fill out the form on the page and subscribe to your list. You’re not limited to social media. There are other ways to promote your opt-in.


Opt-in offers can be advertised. You can buy space on a relevant blog or website. You can participate in Google AdWords as well. If you decide to spend money on advertising, it’s important to make sure that you have a budget and financial goals. Make sure that you get a return on your investment by keeping track of the click-throughs and sign-ups.


Consider partnering with someone who has a similar audience but is not a direct competitor. They can advertise their opt-in on your blog or website and you can do the same on theirs. Partnerships can be an affordable way to reach a larger audience while also providing value to your existing followers. You want to make sure that any opt-in you promote is valuable to your audience and doesn’t compete with your own opt-in offer.

Ultimately, the goal is to drive traffic to your blog or social media sign up forms. Before you can drive traffic to your sign up form, you have to create one. So let’s look at the technology needed to create an effective and efficient email marketing system.

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