Email Marketing Wrap Up

Email marketing is powerful and effective. You are able to connect with your audience where they live, work, and surf. Each message that you send helps you build a loyal following, one that you can turn into profits.

Managing and maintaining your email marketing strategy and system can be overwhelming.

Let’s wrap it up by giving you a quick checklist of steps.

  • Create Your Opt-In – Spend time on this part of the process because it can mean the difference between a large and loyal email list and one that delivers a low return on investment.
  • Create Your Follow-Up Messages – Once people subscribe to your list it’s important to begin connecting with them right away. Establish a follow-up plan and create your messages.
  • Choose Your Autoresponder – Find a tool that supports your needs now and in the future.
  • Set Up Your Autoresponder – Create your opt-in form, customize your messages and test everything before you launch.
  • Create Your Your Email Marketing Content and Strategy – How often will you send messages and what information or value will the messages contain? What are your email marketing goals?

Finally, don’t forget to install and assess your email marketing analytics. Use the information to help you grow and strengthen your email marketing system. A loyal following begins with quality content and a commitment to your audience. Use this checklist to keep track of everything you need to do in to create an email marketing system that is both effective and profitable.

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